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“Joint dysfunction creates muscle inhibition, which alters balance & leads to tissue overload and injury.” - NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training

3 Balance Exercises for Joint Pain Relief

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Doing exercises like the ones I show you here can help strengthen your joints.  When your joints are strong and protected by muscle, your risk of injury or reinjury is lower.  The reason why I added balance & stability in my 6 Baby Steps to joint pain relief is because good balance is what will protect you during your workouts and even your day to day activities.


When I start with a client that has joint pain I look to see what their physical capabilities are before going into any type of exercise. 


These exercises help aid in joint pain relief.  Start each exercise with slow and controlled movements. 


Balance Exercise #1

Try these workouts on the ground first instead of stepping up on a box. When you can handle that, progress to stepping up. You can try this on a sidewalk or a step.  If you have access to something higher try that but only after you have mastered the sidewalk or smaller step!


Balance exercises helps prevent future falls.  Working on your balance helps you maintain your body’s center of gravity.  It also helps you correct your proprioceptors, those are the mechanoreceptors (signals to your brain) on your position or movements. So your brain and your body keep a strong communication and there isn’t a relapse on your brain synapses causing you to fall.


Balance Exercise #2

If you start your balance exercises slowly and with small motions you will be able to progress to the next steps.  The point is to help you relief joint pain and possibly inflammation, not add pain to your joints.


Moving your joints seems counterintuitive when you are in pain, but if you do, this will help reduce stiffness.


Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day, this also helps reduce joint pain.


Did you know that balance exercises helps prevent new injuries and joint pain?  These exercises aren’t just to correct bad posture or relief the pain you feel now, it’s also to strengthen your body for the future.


Don’t overwhelm yourself when you start working out. This is why we created the 6 Baby Steps.
The joint pain relief program is designed as a progressive workout series to help you go from baby step 1 to baby step 6 when you are ready.


Balance Exercise #3

Always start with a small range of motion and go bigger if you can handle it.  Also, when doing balance exercises hold onto a chair, a counter, a partner so you don’t fall and hurt yourself.  If you keep doing these, you will get stronger and have better balance in just a few sessions, just be patient and don’t give up.


If you get to the point where you can do these exercises with great form and balance, you can start adding a little bit of weight, like a 3 or 5 pound dumbbell.  Message me first if you have any questions.


Finally, the best thing about these balance exercises for joint pain relief is that you can do them anywhere!  You don’t have to be a member of the gym and you don’t need fancy equipment. You can do these exercises from home, the park, or at work. 


Another great thing? You don’t have to spend an entire hour working out, just carve out 5 to 10 minutes from your lunch break or evening tv time to do these moves.


Let me know if you want to see videos on more balance exercises for joint pain relief.  


When you master baby step 2 and feel you are ready for baby step 3 , then you can start working on strength and endurance.


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