3 Ways to Lower Your High Blood Pressure – Find out How

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Watch 3 Best Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Your doctor gave you the unsettling news that you have high blood pressure.  Now you're looking for easy ways to lower your blood pressure.  I can help you but first, let’s see if this is you:

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You have a 9-5 office job or something similar and wake up at around 6:30 a.m. to get the kids ready, get yourself ready.  In a rush you maybe grab a granola bar because you hear they are healthy. On your way to work you then get a Starbuck’s coffee and just sit in traffic while sipping it. You get to work, try to find the usual closest parking spot. Inside the building you rush by and say hello to Bob the security guy, get onto the elevator, and get into "work mode".

Sipping on that coffee, your heart is beating fast, but you are so used to it that you really don’t pay too much attention to it. There is a lot of stress around with looming deadlines which gets you a bit worked up. By the end of the workday, you end up drinking about 2-3 cups of coffee to fight off that sluggishness in your body. Your lunch is somewhere at a fast food restaurant because it’s the easiest thing to do, or it may be last night’s leftover frozen lasagna, or from a restaurant.

Later on (not that day in particular), you don’t feel too good, and you go to the doctor or the pharmacy to check your blood pressure, and its pretty scary high… Now what? The doctor prescribes you with some medicine and tells you to exercise and change your diet. You are feeling overwhelmed, and you do not know exactly what to do.

Lower your blood pressure with meal planning

Plan a day to precook all your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Pick a day of the week to meal plan. The best time is the weekend because you are relaxing and enjoying family time and may have more time.

Your breakfast should be about a ½ cup of grain cereal, a ½ cup of fruit, and a protein that is low in fat. For example: go for egg whites and 1 yolk.

Lunch and dinner should have at least 1 cup of vegetables, 3-6 oz of a lean grilled, steamed, or baked meat, and about a ⅓ cup of carbohydrate with a small portion of healthy fats.

If you start eating better, you will have more energy.  You obviously want and need more energy since you are reaching for that extra cup of coffee - which raises your blood pressure due to the excessive caffeine.

Start drinking more water and cut down on soft drinks, fruit smoothies or juices. Even though fruit smoothies or juices are natural because they are fruit, they still have a ton of sugar on top of sugar.

Lower your blood pressure with meal planning

Lower your blood pressure with physical activity

Start being a little bit more active by parking farther out from work to get in those extra steps. Take it even further by using stairs instead of the elevator. Your heart will thank you, and you will get some endorphins to start feeling good! Also, if your office is awesome and has an indoor gym, USE IT! It’s free and very convenient. Add to your routine at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to lower your high blood pressure. If a gym is not available at work, you can work out from home.

Lower your blood pressure with physical activity

Lower your blood pressure with sleep

Rest. You need to sleep at least 7 and a half hours to 8 hours to allow your body to recover from the day. Studies have shown that when you have a lack of sleep, your stress levels rise. When your stress rises, cortisol starts increasing therefore causing your blood pressure to rise. So sleep and relax from time to time. If you have time to throw in a nap, do it!  You can also have an active rest by going for a walk in nature and embrace your surroundings to attain peace of mind!

Lower your blood pressure with sleep


Following these 3 simple steps to lower your high blood pressure will help you to not only lower it but also to regulate it.  Also, this will save you from getting on high blood pressure medicine. 

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