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Today I want to show you the different ways to trigger point to release tight muscles.  Before you do any workout, you should spend a few minutes foam rolling. This is going to help protect your muscles by releasing tight muscles before subjecting them to heavy lifting.  Read this blog post to read more about this subject.

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PVC Pipe Trigger Point to Release Tight Muscles


Trigger point with a PVC pipe to release tight muscles

There’s no need to buy a foam roller that costs like $30 bucks. You can go to Lowe’s for seven bucks and you can get yourself a very durable “foam roller”.  Look for a PVC pipe that you can use instead. The difference is that the foam roller is kind of squishy and soft. The PVC pipe is harder and will get the muscle pretty good. This smaller diameter is great for smaller muscles like your lat.  Once you go PVP pipe you’re never going to go back. Use the PVC pipe for 30 to 60 seconds on each area to trigger point to release tight muscles.



Trigger point with a hard roller to release tight muscles

This second roller is aka my Flintstone wood roller. Basically, it’s just better than a regular foam roller because it is harder, very durable, and natural. This larger diameter is good for areas like the calf or bigger areas.  Typical foam rollers are going to have some cushion and you know it’s not going to be as effective relief on your muscles. So harder rollers might be a little bit more advanced but it’s going to be way better than your regular foam roller.



Trigger point with a cane to release tight muscles

So with the PVC pipe, you’re going to get muscles that are closer to the surface.  So this is not going to go as deep as the Theracane or similar canes. The Theracane is going to be a little bit smaller so it’s going to go deeper into the muscle. The Theracane is great for smaller muscles and deeper muscles that the PVC or foam rollers cannot reach.



Don’t get me wrong, you can use traditional foam rollers to trigger point and release tight muscles. Remember that it is much more important to start any workout with trigger pointing, so use what you have.

If you are in the Austin, TX area, make sure to sign up for a physical postural assessment. This will help you see which muscles are giving you a hard time. I can show you the proper way to trigger point to release tight muscles at home.



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