Achy joints keeping you up at night?

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How did it go with last week’s Daylight Savings Time?  I feel it took me an entire week to finally get some rest.  Our bodies need enough rest each night to function properly. The amount of rest each person needs is going to differ, but the average adult needs approximately 7-8 hours of sleep each night to restore their body with the energy it needs.

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If you find that you are having trouble sleeping because your joints are causing you to be uncomfortable or even in pain, start a trigger-pointing routine!  By releasing tight muscles and then strengthening them, you’ll find that those body aches that keep you up at night are drastically reduced and in some cases altogether gone.


Not getting enough quality sleep runs the body down allowing more viruses and diseases to attack the body because the immune system is not functioning as well as it should.  Then, you get sick and miss out on important activities and responsibilities. 

When your body gets enough rest, your body runs as it should and this allows your immune system to be stronger and be able to fight off infections more easily. However, to pack more activities into their day, most people cut back on their sleep. Or, in some cases, some people can’t get enough sleep even if they want to due to body aches.


Some of my clients even have issues with restless leg syndrome which usually only happens when they are hopping into bed.  Some solutions that have worked so far have been to stretch those leg muscles before bed or to wear compression socks.  Don’t worry, if this is also happening to you, there are solutions!


Here are some blog posts you can read about trigger pointing.  If you need a more personalized approach and you are in the Austin area, come by for a free consultation!

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