Amazing Time Saving Hacks – Now You Have Time to Exercise

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Think you don't have time to exercise?

Time. We all have it, but we don't really seem to have enough of it. The only thing we can do is learn new ways to make the most of the time we do have.

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Lack of time is the top reason why most people can't reach their fitness goals. Whether it's correcting your posture, losing weight, or simply training for general health, everything else gets in the way.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We know our health is important but skipping the gym or not meal planning seems easier than letting go of something else on our list. This just ends up putting our health at the bottom of the list and thus we think we truly don't have time to exercise.

If you are like the majority of people struggling to find the time to follow a fitness routine, here are five ways you can get more out of your day.

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1. Plan your day in advance.

Ideally, you'll get into the habit of planning your day at least the night before. Write down appointments you can't get out of. Create a realistic to-do list for the day. I often get carried away and add months' worth of to-do's to my day and end up feeling frustrated when I only get three done. So I've learned to limit my list to only three items.

2. Check your priorities.

Look at your daily plan, what takes priority? Be careful not to procrastinate on things you don't really want to do but have to do anyway. Sometimes we think something is a priority when in reality it isn't. See if you can find at least one thing that doesn't need to be on your list of priorities.

3. Stick to your list.

Check off each item as you complete it. If you aren't already using your smartphone to keep track of your scheduling and tasks, start doing so now. This is a time saver and you can actually take advantage of other settings like alarms, reminders, and timers. Using timers to help you get things done come in handy especially when you have a lot of things to do. It creates a sense of urgency and helps you move a bit faster. Well, at least for me it does.

4. Follow the 3-second rule.

For each item on your to-do list spend 3 seconds and decide if it's something you must do, delegate, or dump. Sometimes we get stuck with busy work that can either be delegated or dumped. Can your significant other help? Or your children? Maybe you can hire someone and outsource some tasks.

5. Make time and plan for leisure time.

This is where you'll schedule your personal training or fitness class. Here is where you MAKE the time to exercise.  Once you make time and plan for your health, stick with that commitment. If it's on your schedule, honor it instead of dumping it at the last minute when something else pops up. Unless it's truly urgent or important, try to not flake out on your fitness and health time. Maybe you don't go to the gym every day, but instead, on the days when you aren't at the gym, you are planning your meals, shopping for them, or prepping them.

With services like meal deliveries or even grocery deliveries, you can start saving a lot of time while doing something that works toward your fitness goals. Check out Walmart+ and click this link for a discount so you can try out their grocery pick-up and delivery service. I've been using this since 2018 and it has been a lifesaver.

Achy joints

I'm telling you, simply following tip # 4 has given me so much time back, now I can actually sit down and enjoy my coffee in the morning knowing that I have all the time to do what I need to do. Which one of these will have an immediate impact on your day?  How will you make time to exercise?

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