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Back pain from bad posture.

Keep reading to the bottom for back stretches.

My back is killing me!  How many times have you said that this week? Hmm?  If you don’t say these words, I am jealous!  I think last week that was my motto every morning getting out of bed.  Could be an age thing, could be a mattress thing. Or it could be poor posture back pain.

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Really I could blame it on anything but the truth is that posture has a lot to do with back pain.  


Seriously, what causes back pain?

back pain from bad posture

If you spend your day sitting at an office desk, pay attention.  Anyone using an office chair for long periods of time will have some sort of back pain from bad posture.


I’m going to stick to this example because this is a very common problem.  But if you work standing up or doing repetitive movements, that also hurts your back.  (Tip - don’t depend on a back brace, strengthen your core instead. If you want to read more about this, let me know!)


Employers are starting to take action by replacing chairs with ergonomic ones.  Sadly that is not enough.  You may feel some pinching, dull, or sharp pain after some time.  If you are experiencing back pain from bad posture - do not ignore it.


Find out what the source of the pain is so that you can take action.  Knowing the cause of the pain is very important because you want to prevent further injury.

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Some of the options available are:

  • Bed rest 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain relievers
  • Surgery
  • Corrective Exercise


Bed Rest for Relief

back pain from bad posture

If you feel bad posture pain you will probably want to get relief by laying down.  Yes, that will help unload your back from your body weight, but this is not long term relief.  You’ll be hurting again when you get out and start doing things. 


Also, remember, bodies at rest stay at rest, bodies in motion stay in motion.


Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief

You can also try physical therapy.  In fact, if you’ve had surgery, you should start with physical therapy.  This applies to traumatic injuries too. The thing about physical therapy in most cases is that PT helps up to a certain point.  Read about my shoulder surgery and ROM here.


Pain Relievers for Your Pain

Most of us go straight for the medicine cabinet when we want to power through the day.  When you have extreme pain you may even go for extreme measures like numbing the area.  This is also just a temporary relief.  Covering up your pain with a band-aid could even make it worse.


Think of your body as a car.  If the wheels are not aligned, would the car function properly?  


Surgery for Your Back Pain

The last option is surgery.  Did you know that surgery is not even 100% guaranteed?  Even if your insurance covers your bill, you still have a portion that may come out of pocket.  Before you get to this point, take action today.


Corrective Exercise for Back Pain Relief

This type of exercise focuses on correcting your bad back posture.  Your back may be hurting for a number of reasons.  The majority of the time, bad posture is the underlying issue.


When the muscles in the back are tightened, the muscles in the front are weak.  Before jumping into any weight lifting or cardio program, you have to correct your posture.  


The ideal solution for back pain for the long term is working with a Chiropractor AND a corrective exercise specialist.


Back Stretches for Back Pain From Bad Posture

back pain from bad posture corrected

Let me leave you with some stretches you can do right now.  These are safe to do in the morning and in the evening.  The best way to get relief is to get a personalized corrective plan.  These stretches can help (doing them properly - don’t worry I show you how.)  But to get long-term relief you need a plan that will progress with you.



As always, I am around if you have any questions.  Thank you for reading!

Watch the Video - 5 Back Stretches to Correct Bad Posture

Take it one step further. Do these exercises next.

back stretches

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