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Back pain relief with exercise and stretches probably sounds like an oxymoron to you.


Raise your hand if your lower back hurts. Yup, lots of adults have the same issue. We can say either bad posture or trauma are the culprits. Some people sit all day at work, make the same movements at work or got into some accident like me.


SMR, stretching, and exercises help reduce and prevent future lower back pain. When you workout doing exercises that help you correct your posture, over time, your pain will go away. The hard thing for you now is that you have pain preventing you from working out in the first place. The trick is finding workouts that won't add to your pain and that will give you relief after your first sessions. That's where I come in!


Back Pain Relief Exercise Program

First, we spend a few sessions getting your body warmed up and moving with minimal pain. Then we work on correcting your posture and strengthening your balance and stability.  Before you start any type of exercise program, you have to get an assessment.  This will tell me exactly where we are starting and what limitations you have.   Doing balance and stability types of exercises will prevent your joints from hurting again.


Think of your muscles as a corset or protective case around your joints and skeletal system. The more you strengthen the muscles, the better protected your joints will be.  This is why strength training and endurance workouts are important. It is even more important to work with a trainer that has experience with joints and joint movement.


Bird Dog for Back Pain Relief

With one simple exercise, we are going to get back pain relief.  One of the best exercises for your low back pain is what a lot of people call the 'bird dog'.

Basically you're going to be on the floor on our knees and hands. Tuck your stomach in, next you are going to raise your hip. Make sure that your hips are aligned perfectly parallel with the floor.

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You're going to start with only lifting your leg first.  Once you get really good balance, or if you already have good balance you'll start by raising your leg and raising the opposite arm. 


This exercise move is going to help you with the lower back.

Bird Dog Modifications

Let's say that you are hurting too much and you can't physically get down on  the floor, or it's really difficult for you. I got you. A lot people can't get down to the floor because they probably have a lot of knee pain or back pain.  What we'll do is get on the couch or do these on the comfort of your own bed. Doing these on the couch is the same way, the only difference is that you get a  little more cushioning.  The reason why we start up here is because the couch and the bed are not as firm as the floor.


Again, we will start with just your legs going up unless you have good balance to also raise your arm. Make sure that your hand reaches out to the wall and your leg to the other wall. That way you have a good contraction and connection to your core which is going to align your spine pretty good and it's going to release that pressure on the lumbar section.


So this stabilization is going  to help my balance on my core.  When you lift your leg and opposite arm, hold this for about 5 to 10 seconds.


I hope this exercise helps you when you try it at home and you start getting better low back pain relief. I want to answer your questions on what stretches or exercises you should be doing.  Message me or call 512-387-6546 for a free consultation.  All of my clients get a personalized workout plan that applies only to them.  You can watch more YouTube videos but the fact is that you need your own program.  Let's talk!

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Rafael Ortiz

Are you ready to make a transformation for yourself? Reach out to me via direct message at [email protected], or give me a call 254-449-2115.

Rafael has been in the health and fitness industry since 2006.  He is certified by the NASM & insured.

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