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Most people think of massage therapists when their muscles are tight and their joints hurt. Corrective exercise is a science-based type of physical training. Even if you go to the most experienced massage therapists, the benefits of adding corrective exercise far outweigh the benefits of either alone.

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Corrective exercise has a lot of benefits, but the most important ones are to fix movement compensations and imbalances.

There are also other benefits of corrective exercise, such as:

  1. building and keeping up muscle strength and endurance
  2. restoring and increasing joint range of motion
  3. improving coordination
  4. educating clients

Benefits of Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise uses the kinds of exercises that personal trainers, massage therapists, and chiropractors usually do.

Some examples of types of corrective exercises are:

  • joint mobilization
  • soft tissue release
  • trigger point release
  • myofascial stretching
  • muscle re-education
  • modalities
  • integrative exercise
  • stretching exercises
  • specialized strengthening of weak muscles

These methods not only work with your massage therapy, but they also help balance your muscles and correct your posture by getting your less-used muscles to work.

Regular massages may help in many ways, but the goal of corrective exercises is to retrain the body to move in a better way. This is why pairing up massage therapy and corrective exercise is thought to be a better solution in the long run.

This is the same way RPT Fitness works with its clients. We make a plan of the BEST steps they can take to reach their goals.

Want to know how this method can help YOU fix your posture and get rid of those tight muscles? Contact us to set up a free fitness test for your whole body.

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Rafael Ortiz

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Rafael has been in the health and fitness industry since 2006.  He is certified by the NASM & insured.

Areas of Expertise

Joint Pain Relief, Post-Rehab Personal Training, Posture Correction, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Strength Training, Core and Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscle Gain, Posture, TRX, Functional Training, Myofascial Release, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Stress Reduction, Corrective Exercise, Golf

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