Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Full

Breakfast tips that are easy to follow and implement into your daily routine.

To lose weight you need to do two things; eat enough and move more. A lot of people like to skip breakfast because intermittent fasting works for them. However, not everyone benefits from intermittent fasting and if that is the case for you read on.

It's not enough to grab a quick breakfast taco or protein bar in the morning. If you do a little planning you can avoid choosing the wrong foods for breakfast. So even if you are exercising daily, you could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts by either skipping breakfast or eating the wrong foods.

Sample breakfast plan to lose weight and stay full

Here is a sample breakfast plan for one of our weight loss clients. Notice how she is eating from all the macros and the portions are not too small. She will feel full up until her snack or even lunchtime and still lose weight.


breakfast tips for weight loss


Here are our top breakfast tips for weight loss

Eat breakfast every day.

This breakfast tip is essential for weight loss. You might think you’re cutting out calories from your day by skipping breakfast. But the reality is that you might end up grabbing whatever is around you when hunger strikes. Isn’t this a bit counterproductive? I think so. Aside from this, breakfast kicks start your metabolism. By eating breakfast every day you are setting yourself up for a successful day.

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Be aware of sugar.

If you are a cereal lover check this out. Some cereals, even the ‘healthy’ ones have more sugar in them than we realize. Eating cereals that are loaded with sugar can actually mess up your weight loss efforts. You may end up gaining weight.

A lot of people wonder why they can’t lose weight even though they are exercising and eating ‘healthy’. It could be because their favorite foods are sabotaging their efforts.

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Eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice.

During one of my consultations with a weight-loss client, she proudly stated that she drinks 1 to 2 glasses of orange juice in the morning. Ouch.

See, drinking fruit juices seem like a healthier option than say eating a donut, but the truth is that juices are no better. Aside from the large number of calories you are drinking in a juice, you are also consuming a huge amount of sugar.

The sugar in fruit juices triggers a spike in your glucose. Not only does this prevent weight loss but could convert the excess sugar into fat for storage.

What to do instead? Pick a fruit that is low to medium in the glycemic index like strawberries or an apple. If you crave fruits like oranges, eat half or a small one instead.

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Munch on superfoods.

What are superfoods? Those are foods that have higher minerals and vitamins that can help prevent or reduce the risk of developing a serious illness. Even just a handful of some superfoods add great benefits. Some of those superfoods are:

-yogurt (fat-free)

Continue making healthy choices throughout the day.

Don’t just stop eating healthy at breakfast. When you eat a balanced breakfast with quality carbs, fats, and protein, you will lose weight. Add to that a healthy and balanced lunch, snacks, and dinner, and you're golden!

If you see breakfast as a kick-start for your day, you’ll have momentum throughout the day to consume nutritious foods.

The best of our breakfast tips for weight loss:

Plan and prepare for success! Planning and preparing your breakfast foods will help you a lot. Especially if you have busy mornings like most of us do!  But if you still think these breakfast tips will be hard for you to follow, start with one or two.

Skip the guessing and let us give you a recommendation based on the foods you love!

Thanks for reading!

Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Paleo Pancakes for Breakfast or Snack

You can snack on these sweet pancakes or eat them for breakfast. You can eat it as is or add a no-sugar-added jam. Yum!


Paleo Pancakes with Only 3 Ingredients

(serves 1)


• 1 large ripe banana

• 2 large eggs

• 1½ Tbsp coconut flour

• Coconut oil (for frying)


Use a high-speed blender to mix the banana, eggs, coconut flour, and a pinch of sea salt. Blend until it's smooth.

The batter will be thick, but you should be able to pour it out of the blender. If it looks too watery, add a little coconut flour.

Melt a small amount of coconut oil over the surface of a nonstick skillet that has been heated over medium heat.

Put the batter in. Shake the pan to spread the batter out, then let it cook for 2 to 4 minutes. The pancake should be golden on the bottom and firm around the edges. Turn it over and cook for another 1–2 minutes.

With a spatula, take the pancake out of the pan.

Serve and enjoy, and let me know in the comments what you think!


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