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Is it really this simple? It could be… answers below.

Can lack of drinking water cause joint pain? ?

joint health

Here is a question we keep getting at the studio.  What can I take for joint health?  There are many supplements and vitamins you can take for joint health.  So naturally, this is the first thing people look for when they experience pain or inflammation.

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BUT the most basic thing you should be asking is: “HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD I BE DRINKING?” ?

Drink water for healthy joints.

Drinking water is great for joint health. I am not saying this is going to cure you overnight but in a lot of cases simply drinking enough water helps in the long run.  Dehydration could be the cause of your stiffness.

Why? ? Because there are a ton of benefits to drinking water and staying hydrated.  You already know that water helps with weight management and keeping your skin clean and clear among many other great benefits.  But what many people don’t know is that drinking water helps you keep your joints healthy.

?Drinking water can stimulate our production of synovial fluid.
?This helps lubricate the cartilage.
?If your joints are inflamed, drinking water helps reduce inflammation around the joint.

How much water is enough?

Drink this much water per day.

The general rule is to drink 64 oz or 8 cups of water per day.  BUT….. Not everyone is the same or has the same needs.  So, here is how you can find out much your body needs:

Your weight x 67%

So if you are 130 pounds, multiply that by .67 – remember if you workout or if it’s super hot out you need to drink more to replenish what you lose through sweating.

Easy right?  Now you can stay hydrated and be confident that you are drinking enough water.


PS: Come by the studio for a free session – get a personalized exercise for joint health and mobility.

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