Can Posture Improve After Weight Loss?

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Posture and weight loss may be what you are looking for if you have joint pain.

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What do my weight loss clients have in common? Other than seeing a significant amount of fat loss, they also experienced other side effects from my program.

They gained energy, mental clarity, mood boosts, and their postures improved!

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How posture can improve after weight loss.

When you have excess body fat, that extra weight can create a lot of pressure on your joints and around your organs.

This causes your muscles to overcompensate and create awkward movements because of the stress and pressure around the joints.

As you lose weight the pressure starts getting relieved. The joints feel better.


Exercising makes your body strong

As you exercise to strengthen the weaker muscles, you start to fix the alignment. Then as you start strengthening the muscle, the muscle is going to grow. This helps burn more calories.

Exercising is going to help your muscles use up the extra fat in your body to burn off as fuel and burn the excess fat. The bigger your muscles grow, the more fuel it needs aka body fat.

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Examples of how posture is affected by excess fat

If you fall in the "unhealthy" range (see below) and are overweight, you might carry most of the excess fat in your belly area. So you’ll have a lot of fat weight that will put a lot of pressure on your lumbar spine.

As you sit down, which most of us do all day for work, the muscles in the lumbar are going to be tighter. This is going to put more compression on your spine. Does this sound painful? It is!

The best way to improve your posture and get back pain relief is by following a personalized weight loss program. Being more active will help you start decompressing the joints around the spine and hip area.

-Burn the excess fat with strength exercises.
-Release tight muscles with SMR, stretches, and exercises.
-Work on your core to strengthen it and balance it.

This is just one example of how excess weight can cause some joint pain and tightness with bad posture.

Another example is how excess body weight can impact your knees and ankles. These get a lot of stress with excess body weight for some people.

The good news is that once you start losing weight you won’t have that pressure on that area. This helps you with posture and any pain you might be experiencing.

What weight loss goal should I aim for to start feeling relief?

Here is the thing. You will more than likely experience joint pain if you are a woman with over 32% body fat. Or a man with over 26% body fat.

If you fall above those numbers, once you drop around 5% of that body fat, you should start feeling better. Because there is less stress on your joints.

A 5% body fat drop is roughly 10-12 pounds you’d be losing. On top of losing body fat, your muscles will be in better shape. You’ll also see an increase in energy along with better posture.

When you are in the “acceptable” range, you'll feel much better. The “acceptable” range is the borderline of healthy/unhealthy. For women that range is between 25-31% and for men, it is 18- 25%.

What I always tell all my clients is to aim to get close to “acceptable” and go from there. When they reach that range, they can either stay there or continue to the “fit” range or “athlete” range.

Body fat chart Rafael PT Fitness in Austin TX


At this point, once you are in the acceptable range, your body should be feeling a lot better than you had before.


Athlete Range
Women 14-20%
Men 6-13%

Fit Range
Women 21-24%
Men 15-17%

Acceptable Range
Women 25-31%
Men 18-25%

Unhealthy Range
Women 32%+
Men 26%+

We hope you find the relief you seek.  Contact us if you have any questions or would like a personalized exercise program.


Thank you for reading!


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