Cholesterol is a scary word but there is good news

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Cholesterol is a scary word for a lot of us but the good news is that you have control over it by changing what you eat.  I don't believe in drastically changing your daily diet because many people burn out and quit eating healthy.

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So instead of just eating kale all day (or whatever you hate eating, I hate kale) add a better alternative or a new food to each meal each day. Next thing you know your plate is looking healthier and more balanced and your cholesterol is getting better.


I also wrote a blog about foods that help lower cholesterol.  Make sure to pop over after reading this blog post for inspiration.  You can read it here.


Here are some cholesterol lowering diet samples


The basics are the following:

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- choice of fruits and cereals,
- whole grain toast,
- egg substitutes (egg without the yolk) and
- skimmed milk.

– includes sliced veggies or salads,
- fresh fruit salad, and
- vegetable soup.


- Using olive oil and vinegar for dressing on the salad is suggested.


Dinner – choices to consider are
- brown rice,
- broccoli,
- lean meat,
- carrots
- salad and - wholegrain roll.

Antioxidant Foods

Smart Snacks
– low fat yogurt,
- pretzels,
- fruits and
- nuts.


*Remember, even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Keep your portions under control!   If you are having a hard time of making changes with cholesterol lowering diet, message me, I can help!
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