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Fitness myths are all over the internet and mistakes will be made. Have you been avoiding starting an exercise routine because of misinformation you've heard? Get your exercise routine on the right track by putting these suggestions to use. Hopefully, you haven't let any of these exercise myths, mistakes, or misunderstandings stop you from getting in a good workout.

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#1 Mistake: Not Setting Goals

The number one mistake people make is not having any sort of target in mind. Do you work out without a specific goal in mind? If you want to lose weight and get in shape through exercise, setting a specific goal is essential. Keeping a journal to record your progress is a great way to keep yourself accountable, inspired, and on track to achieve your goals.

#2 Myth: No Pain, No Gain

No pain no gain myth

No Pain, No Gain is a typical fallacy. The sensation of pain is your body's alarm system, warning you that something is wrong. This is too important to disregard. When you push yourself beyond your normal limits, you'll inevitably experience some degree of physical discomfort that you'll have to learn to work through.

The preparation for a marathon is a good illustration of this. The "base training" must be completed before moving on to more advanced material. This foundational work prepares the body for more advanced workouts. In other words, you need to develop the ability to "read" your body.

You may be wondering if your rapid heartbeat and heavy breathing are signs of physical exertion or the onset of a heart attack. Physical activity is crucial. If you master it properly, you can keep doing it for the rest of your life.

It's natural to feel sore after exercising, but you need to take it slow and give your body plenty of rest to avoid injury. There are typically two issues that arise when people first start working out.

Working out through pain prevents you from getting the rest your muscles, tendons, and ligaments need to recover, which can prevent further injury. You could end up in chronic pain if you do this, rendering exercise impossible.

If you exercise and then spend the next day in pain, you are less likely to continue working out. When you're in constant pain, it's hard to motivate yourself to work out.

#3 Mistake: Quantity Over Quality

Thirdly, a frequent blunder is prioritizing quantity over quality. Instead of forcing yourself to do just a little more each time, try decreasing the number of reps in a set while increasing the total number of sets for a given exercise when you're ready to increase the total number of reps and correspondingly strengthen the corresponding muscles.

Reduce your reps to half what you're used to doing, but keep doing as many sets as you were. You'll have more energy and be able to bulk up your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

#4 Myth: Bulk in Women

Myth that women will become bulky by lifting weights

Many women are afraid of this myth, "women will get bulky if they lift weights". In reality, a woman's body will benefit from weight training in muscle strength and tone, fat loss, and an increased metabolic rate. Unlike men, women do not naturally produce enough testosterone to enable muscle growth.  You would have to put in extra effort in training and dieting to reach the level of 'bulkiness' most women reach when training for competitions and shows.  Plus, when you work with a certified and experienced trainer, you are in good hands 😉

#5 Mistake: Ignoring Weaknesses

Focusing too much on one's own strengths is another mistake many make. Instead of highlighting your strengths, you need to start emphasizing your weaker areas. To put things in perspective, this will help you balance. If your lower body is more developed than your upper body or core, dedicate one day a week to focusing on the lower body and the rest of the time on the weaker areas.

You can get a lot further if you use your exercise time wisely. There are a lot more fitness myths out there, so let me know what's holding you back.  Keeping your body in good shape is crucial, so go out there and start working out right now. If you want to start your fitness journey now but don't know where to start, let us help you!


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