Core Training Benefits and Exercises for Beginners

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Core training comes with a lot of many different benefits. One of them is that a strong core can help you correct your posture.  The benefits of core exercises are not just limited to helping you correct your posture. They also ease the back and perhaps even get rid of back pain and strain.

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Doing core strengthening exercises can also help with weight loss. Training your core can also increase your all-over flexibility as well as your ability to twist from side to side with a full range of motion.

Core training can also help with:

- enhanced posture
- better bodily function for daily living
- increased balance, stabilization, and coordination
- minimized low-back pain

Core training can enhance your posture.
Core training can enhance your posture.

Why core training is important

Training your core is important because the core muscles are the ones that keep your posture in check.  Some abdominal muscles will cause you to have back pain and others will help you strengthen your low back.  The more powerful your abdominal muscles are the less likely you are to sustain a back pressure or back injury or develop a hernia. This in turn can enable you to work out harder and longer.  Of course, the more you exercise the healthier you will be overall.

What is considered core training?

So just what are core strengthening exercises? You might just know them as sit-ups or planks.  Our corrective exercise program includes personalized workout plans to help you target your core by doing many different exercises we choose specifically for you.

Before you start on a do-it-yourself program, contact me to learn more and come by my studio for a free session.

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Core Training for Beginners

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Core Training at Home

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