Dealing With a Bulging Disk on My back & Treatments

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Dealing with a bulging disk.

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I didn't imagine starting a new month like this! I've been dealing with back problems since 2017 due to a horrible car accident. Once again, I managed to pull my low back just a few days ago.

I went to the chiropractor Monday and then to the doctor at urgent care to get some pain meds.  It turns out I have a bulging disk on my entire back!

I’ve been doing everything right. I have been working out, trigger pointing, and stretching. It's just the disks have been in very bad shape.

I'm going to keep everyone updated on my recovery just in case you are in the same or similar boat. So check back to this post often.

Or, you can head over to my support group on Facebook and join us there!

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Day 2 of the Back Pain:

Last night, I slept on the floor. I have a Tempurpedic bed with an adjustable frame, but it was just killing my back. It took 5-10 minutes just to get off the floor in the morning!

I’ll be going to the chiropractor again later on today or in a few.


What goes on when you are in pain?

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- Eating

The biggest thing, at least for me, is stress eating. This is where I have to watch my cravings and what I eat. Here is why obviously I'm going to go for the high in sugar snacks. These high in sugar snack it will cause my already inflamed joints to get worse. I have to watch for binge eating and just limit the amounts of food I eat.

- Mindset

I'm coming up with a plan of what I must do after the pain is over. I need to SMR, do a little bit of core training.  This time, I have to make this a habit and not let more than a couple of days go by without doing these.

At the same time I am dealing with so many emotions; fear, anger, discouragement, are set in motion. I have to be mindful of this otherwise recovery will take longer. So I have to be optimistic about my plan. #trusttheprocess

Even though I know my stuff pretty well when it comes to corrective exercise training, I have to treat myself just like I treat my clients. If I can't help them that much, I suggest they go to a chiropractor or to a licensed massage therapist.

- Rest and get lots of fluid.

When I'm not in pain, some days I don't drink a lot of water compared to when I'm in pain. Even though I know I should drink lots of water - time escapes me somedays!

Now that I am in pain I walk a little bit around the house just to move blood around my hips and low back. If I don't move for a while I'm going to end up very stiff. But if I move a lot I'm going to strain something.

So I have to find the balance to where I'll be able to move and rest to manage the pain.

Trying not to let it show just how much pain I am in. Also...networking, because I still gotta pay the bills haha.

Day 3 of the Back Pain:

Things are getting better today. I went to see Dr. Todd Stranahan DC Monday and Tuesday for my adjustment!

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Then he sent me to see his wife for some e-stim and got a new back brace that has a pouch so I can put an ice bag in it.

E-stim is Electrical Stimulation that helps repair muscles. The device sends electrical pulses through your skin, it's a gentle pulse, but effective.

Depending on how I feel in the next few hours, I’ll probably start trigger pointing later today and hopefully sleep on my bed tonight!

I hope you are having a better week than I am!

Thanks for reading!

PS. The studio will be closed for the rest of the week and hope to resume Monday, Feb 8!

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