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Back support belt.

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I was talking to someone yesterday about posture. He told me that he was using something similar to this back support belt. He bought it to correct his posture. So far he feels it has given him good results.

Back support belt

He wears it from time to time. I told him the trick to getting good posture is to strengthen his upper back. Then he would not have to use the device. This back support belt can eventually make those muscles very weak.

Let me explain.

What does a back support belt do?

The belt was made for physical therapy. This was meant to help you while you recover and regain your strength.

Are belts bad for your back?

The belt can be bad if you only depend on it for posture and support. If you use this too long, your body will not rely on your core muscles. This can cause atrophy. Then this causes your back to hurt.

What can I do to stop my wearing my back support belt?

There will always be new things to buy to fix something in your body. But in reality, you should aim to fix the problem. Not slap a band-aid on it.

fix your posture

Instead of buying the latest gadget – invest in your health.

You will have to do these 3 things:
?Self-myofascial release (SMR)
?Core exercises
?Strength exercises


Some of these exercises include:
?-bent over dumbbell cobra
?-standing row
?-high row

These exercises will help strengthen your:
?upper back
?rear delt
?teres minor
?teres major

Ditching the back support belt is more possible than you think.  If you’ve been using one it’s not too late to start recovering your back and core strength.  Start with these exercises and go from there.


I recommend you start with some back stretches before exercising or doing heavy work.  Download my free e-book on stretches for your back.  Then do these exercises.  You got this!


For more information, or better yet, for a personalized plan, let’s chat!  I hope you find the relief you seek!  Thanks for reading.

Back stretches free ebook

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