Do This to Lose Weight at Home Confidently

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Lose weight at home.

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I don't know about you but sometimes I avoid doing things because I just don't feel confident. Only after doing some digging around, I’ll feel confident enough to start something.  


For my birthday I received a bonsai growing kit.  I have always wanted one!  So I took everything out and read the instructions. 10 times!  I’m so nervous that I’ll mess something up.  So I put off starting my bonsai tree journey for a few days.  


You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted one.  I made my mind up to read the instructions one more time and jump in.


If you're feeling a bit nervous but want to lose weight at home,  then this post will be just the remedy to kick your confidence into gear! 


Maybe you have the quarantine 15 or the last of the excess weight to drop. No matter.  Here, you’ll find everything you want to know about losing weight at home.


Lose weight at home

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Lose weight at home & keep it off by changing your mindset.

mindset for success

Develop a growth mindset for success!  If you think you can’t give up junk foods or learn good nutrition, you’re wrong.  Change your mindset!  Start looking at “diets” as nutrition for long term health and fitness.  Ditch the idea that diets are shortcuts to weight loss. They aren’t, they just keep you in a dieter’s loop.


The same goes for exercises.  If you feel that you only have to do cardio to lose weight at home, you don’t! You have to do both resistance & cardio.  A lot of people are fed up with traditional cardio exercises.  I don’t blame them!  


Do these if you hate cardio.


Resistance training also comes with myths that you’ll bulk up if you lift weights. Believe me, I wish that were true.  It takes a lot more than just a few exercises a week to bulk up.


Finally, set a goal for yourself and work towards that.  Part of setting your goal is setting your "Why". 

Fitness journal to track your fitness progress

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Eat healthier & ditch diets to lose weight


Like I said before changing your mindset from ‘dieting’ to eating healthy is the first step in seeing weight loss success.  Read about sustainable diets for weight loss here.


To lose weight you have to reduce calories.  Then by exercising and burning calories you will have a deficit. This is what you need to lose weight at home.

Lose weight at home with healthy foods

Macros are carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  Depending on your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level on a daily basis, you will need to eat a certain amount of grams of each macro per day.


Read more about the best type of diet for weight loss here. 


Once you know how many calories and the breakdown of your macros, make a meal plan.  Follow your meal plan and make it easy for yourself by meal prepping


Lose weight at home with cardio & resistance exercises

lose weight at home with cardio

We already talked about the two types of exercises you need to lose weight at home. You will need some cardio and some resistance training.


I know that not everyone has access to the gym or fancy equipment.  Also, not everyone relies on equipment. Here are some things you can do instead of jumping on a treadmill.   Here are some alternatives to traditional cardio workouts.


Resistance workouts can be done with TRX, dumbbells, bands, and tubes. (Amazon affiliate links - we earn a small commission if you make a purchase with them at no additional cost to you).  



Check out my YouTube playlist for ideas.  Make sure you do between 15-18 repetitions and 3 sets when you are starting.  Go with heavier weights or more resistance when that becomes a bit easy.  After that, drop the reps but keep adding weight or resistance.

Regeneration and rest are also important for weight loss

A lot of people that start working with me are very committed to their weight loss journey. They want to go 100% and stay there.  That is great and all but I don’t recommend you skip rest day.  I get asked if they can come in 4 times per week and then exercise on their own the other 3 days.

Foam Rolling and working with Rafael PT Fitness

Hold on there. First, you want to be able to keep exercising and not lose momentum. If you go 100% you risk injuring yourself.   Rest days are very important.  You aren’t actually going to rest and be lazy.  This is when you want to add stretch and self-myofascial release (SMR) sessions.


You should do some foam rolling before your workouts. You also need to stretch after. But since that is usually cut short, try to make these your recovery day activities.


Lose weight at home with professional assistance 

Rafael PT Fitness come train with us in Austin TX

Did you know we offer Virtual online training?  The difference between us vs traditional online training is that we actually ‘meet’ with you.  We meet online via zoom or your preferred method of online video chat.


Why should you invest in a trainer? A lot of people are able to lose weight at home on their own just fine. Some people need- 

  • the know-how
  • personalized exercise
  • personalized meal plans
  • accountability

-or all of the above to lose weight.  


When you get a professional on your side you avoid -

  • burnouts
  • injury
  • frustration
  • wasting your time


This blog post will help you get started but to get the results you want, contact me for a free consultation.


I get that virtual online training is new and a bit scary for some people. So, if you aren’t there yet and want to do this on your own - join our  Facebook group free!  Here you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals for support, accountability, Q & A, and resources.  I’m available here for unlimited q&as.

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Speaking of Q&As, here are some FAQs about losing weight


Send me an email and let me know if this helped or if I left something out. I do this on a daily basis that sometimes I leave some stuff out by accident!


I hope to see you in the FB group!  Thanks for reading.

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