Experiencing tension on your neck & shoulders at work?

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Try this workout right from your desk!

Do you ever spend too much time in one position then notice some tightness?  Here is the latest question of the week. "Are there any exercises that you can do while sitting at the desk?"

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Anytime you sit at the desk most likely you'll be in front of the computer so you're gonna be hunched over. You're going to put a lot of tension on your neck and on your shoulders. So when you have a lot of tension, you're going to have a lot of pain going on here.

The main goal is to open up the chest area to avoid tension and pain in your neck and shoulder.  When you have tension on your neck and shoulder at work you can blame the computer. Don't toss your PC out! Do these exercises instead.

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Stretch the Tension Off Your Neck & Shoulders

You can stretch your chest bringing your arms back and hold for a few seconds. Push your arms/shoulders down to open up your rib cage and stretch the chest.

You're also getting that nice mid-back stretch to relieve that tension that you get normally get back there.  Hold for about 20 seconds, then release and repeat.  These are great to do during the entire day.  Every time you take a break, add this little stretch before you come back to your desk.


Strengthen Your Neck, Shoulders, Chest, and Back

What I personally like to do is, I like to use bands. So, grab a band and do these shoulder exercises in the video  You will need to strengthen the shoulder and back so that we can relieve those muscles and keep them where they need to be strong and stable.

Once you strengthen your shoulders and neck, it will be a while before you get that tension back.  If you are consistent and keep doing these exercises a few days a week, you should not see the tension creep up.

You can find bands at Amazon [Amazon Affiliate Link]. These are the ones we have here at the studio. They are lightweight and you can hide them away in a desk drawer easily.

Make sure you take a few breaks during your workday to do this exercise and the stretch. The goal is to avoid future pain. If you need more than a simple exercise, come by for a free consultation!

Thanks for reading and hope this is helpful to you!

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