Facts About the Keto Diet You Should Know

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This is a question I get on almost a weekly basis. "What do I think about the Keto Diet?" Before I answer this, let me clarify. I am not saying to follow this diet, nor am I telling you not to follow it. As a trainer, I always recommend a balanced diet to all of my clients. That is a diet that includes a healthy and appropriate number of proteins, carbs, and fats.

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Here are some facts about the keto diet you need to know before you start this diet. (Sources from reputable health journals are listed below.)

What is the keto diet

What is the Keto Diet?

This is a diet that consists of high fat, high protein, and low to zero carbs. Most people use it to help them lose weight. Medical professionals prescribe this diet to children with epileptic seizures.

The body can run on sugar which comes from carbohydrates and it can also run on fat.  The keto diet forces you to run on fat.  Sounds good right? Because you are trying to lose fat why not use it all up?  Well, keep reading because forcing your body to work in a way that isn't natural comes with some potentially harmful results.


What do I think about the keto diet?

Well, it's another fad diet.  You are going to lose some weight but a lot of it will be mainly from water, muscle, and a little bit of fat.  On a Keto Diet what happens is you are eating too much protein, too much fat.

That excess amount of protein is going to work on your main organs.  The liver and kidneys are going to be overworked. It's going to make your blood a little bit acidic. Which is going to be pretty harmful in the long-term for your organs. I've even had a friend in the industry lose their gallbladder because of the excess amount of protein and fat.

Many people lose weight rapidly with the Keto Diet, which can cause loose skin. Usually, this weight loss is due to loss of muscle mass and water.

What happens when you lose weight fast?

So what's going to happen is, as you lose weight very fast, mainly it's going to be the muscle mass, your skin will be very very loose.  In contrast with a balanced diet and exercise, your fat loss is consistent and at a steady pace so you don't run the risk of ending up with loose skin.

What we are trying to do is we are losing that fat mass that is in between your skin and your muscle, and as we are losing that fat mass we are increasing the muscle mass. So on the weight scale, it's going to show a very small weight drop. But once we have hit the maximum amount of muscle mass, then you will start seeing that weight scale going down.   Because by now you're going to be seeing the fat mass going down while maintaining that skin firm and tight.

What is the best way to lose body fat?

A balanced diet and exercise are key, regardless of your fitness goals.  To lose weight you need to eat a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  This 'reasonable amount' will depend on your current weight, lifestyle, exercise, and what your weight goal is.

You also benefit from following a cardio plan and resistance training plan.  The cardio and resistance plan you follow accounts for 20% of your weight loss results.  The nutrition portion accounts for 80% of your results.

I won't go into exact details of what each meal looks like or the exact exercises she was doing but this program is an example of a past client who lost body fat and gained muscle mass.

An example of a weight loss program is:

*Don't follow this specific program, you need your own!  Come by for a free consultation so you can get a sample program based on your needs.

  • Daily calories 1330
  • Carbs 112 g
  • Protein 251 g
  • Fat 38 g

2 Resistance training days

5 Cardio days at Zone 2 for 30-45 mins.


Since the keto diet comes up in several conversations each week, I wanted to do this blog.  These are some facts you don't read about in magazines or trendy websites.  Only you can decide what is best for you.  Considering there are some potentially harmful effects following the Keto Diet, you should consult with your doctor before you jump into it.  If you are able to, talk to a licensed nutritionist/dietician!  Let me know if you need help finding a good one in the Austin area.

Have you had any experience with the Keto diet? Let me know how it turned out!

Thanks for reading!



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