Hate Cardio? Raise your heart rate like this instead

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Hate Cardio?

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There are two things about cardio you need to know about.


1. Cardio builds up your heart rate.

2. Cardio helps you get into better shape.


Mind you, the media tells you that this is what you have to do to lose body fat.  That is not necessarily true.  You can lose body fat by lifting weights too.  If you are trying to gain weight, you also need cardio.

If I hate cardio, what can I do instead?

When you lift, your muscles will get tired. If you add a good cardio workout to your routine they won’t get as tired.  This is because they are being conditioned. 


A lot of people think about the same old boring machines when I say cardio.  Or they imagine going for a run, swimming, cycling.  Not everyone likes to do this type of exercise.

Do you hate cardio then do short bursts of interval training

Can I just stick to one type of cardio?

When you are doing these exercises you’ll get a breathing rhythm.  Your body gets conditioned to this one rhythm.  For example a runner will not be able to outlast a cyclist or a swimmer.  A swimmer won’t be able to outrun a cyclist or runner, etc.  


It's all because their body is adapted to those specific exercises. So you have a breathing rhythm in place.


You are better off doing different types of cardio.  Conditioning training helps you switch it up!

What is conditioning training?

When it comes to conditioning training you are still doing cardio but now we’re breaking the rhythm.  This is where interval training comes in.


Burpees is a great example of conditioning training. When you look at a burpee, you are doing three things at once.  


When you break the breathing rhythm, you go from your normal cardio routine to conditioning training and back.  Your cardio will get stronger and you’ll have endurance as well.

How do I add conditioning training?

You can do short bursts of cardio.  If you really hate cardio, pick a handful of moves you won’t hate. Below is an example of interval cardio training. If you do that 3 to 5 times you have enough cardio done for the day. 


Conditioning Training Example:

- 15 burpees

- Then take a break for 2 mins OR

- Do an active rest by doing different cardio for 2 minutes

- Go back to 15 burpees

  • Repeat 3 to 5 times.


Watch these exercises for ideas if you hate cardio in the traditional sense.  There are good examples of exercises you can do for conditioning training.  

TIP: Add some spice to the burpees for a challenge!


Thanks for reading!


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