How much room do you need for a home gym?

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You already have everything you need to take care of your health right now.

Home gym hack to get you moving.

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Do you ever feel like working out takes too much time and too much effort to get out of the house then spend another day saying, "I should have worked out?"


Here is a little trick I share with my clients to help them make working out simple.  There is no room for guilt after you follow this hack.


Setting up your Home Gym

Take a look around your house and take inventory of exercise machines or gadgets you have bought over the years.


Do you have thigh master? Or maybe a treadmill hiding under a mountain of clothes?


Get all of your stuff together and find a spot in your home to turn into your 'home gym'.


You don't need an entire room dedicated to a home gym. Even a tiny spot in the corner of a room somewhere will do.


When you put your items together it'll be easier for you to work out.  You can workout while you binge-watch shows on Netflix. You can even workout before work without having to spend time commuting.


Set up a home gym even in a small space


Home Gym Alternatives

If you don't have anything you ordered at 1 am from an infomercial, then walk around the house and find a few things that are heavy, stretchy and something you can step-up or lean on.


The point of this post is that, if your excuse to not workout is that you don't have a gym membership or machines at home, you don't need them!


You already have things for a great workout. Just start moving and don't stop.


If you already know the basics of working out, you can start doing this today.  For those of you who are kind of new to working out or have fitness goals like weight loss, I can prepare a personalized exercise plan.  This exercise plan will have workouts designed to use the items you already have in your home gym!


Leave a comment or message me if you have any other tips/hacks on using house items for working out.  Click here to get your own workouts via online training/coaching.

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