How to Achieve Long Term Results in Fitness

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One Step at a Time

Long term results.

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"Small daily improvements

are the KEY to

staggering long term results."

Whatever you are working on, whether it's fitness related or a project or whatever, don't get discouraged when the results you see are small or even seemingly nonexistent. Keep working on what you are doing. Keep inching toward your goal.

When I have clients that want to quit after not losing weight as fast as they imagined I remind them that it took them a while to gain the weight.  Nothing happens overnight.  If my client wants to lose weight the healthy and effective way, we have to follow a safe and progressive plan.  This plan is specific to them.  The plan takes in consideration where my client is starting from and how far they have to go.

Good habits for long term results

Every session we have together is another step toward their goal.  Every healthy meal they eat is another step toward their goal.  Reaching your goals is more than just following a plan however.  You have to break bad habits and learn new good habits.  Once I'm done with you, you have learned new habits that will help you stay on track.

Eating healthy foods is not going to be enough for one meal.  You have to learn to choose the correct foods for you and stick to that for the rest of your life.  At first, this will seem impossible.  At first, you may not SEE changes.  But if you make consistent daily improvements in a few months you WILL see that your hard work is paying off.

Feel the progress

You may not see physical changes either.  We are so used to seeing ourselves in the mirror every day that even physical changes won't be obvious to you, but you may FEEL the changes.  You may be able to walk up a flight of stairs with less joint pain.  You might catch yourself sitting with proper posture and your back pain may be completely gone.  Or maybe the next time you play with your kids at the park you're able to run with them!

Whatever you do, do not give up.  And if you did give up, get back up now and continue where you left off.  If you are looking for long term results you have to get ready for a long ride. Once you reach your goals you'll be very proud of yourself for not giving up. Take your journey one step at a time and be consistent.

Remember, "small daily improvements are the KEY to staggering long term results."

Long term results
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