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How to determine you healthy body fat % range

Healthy body fat is different for everyone.

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Everyone has fat in their body, it is unhealthy to have 0% body fat.  For example the essential fat at the lower range is someone who is doing some type of body building competition or physique competition.  Your body will be unhealthy if you don’t have enough healthy body fat to sustain your energy and insulation for your body to keep its temperature.  Body fat also absorbs the vitamins that your body needs such as vitamins E, D, K, A.


My recommendation is to aim for the high end of the athlete classification to the high end of the fit classification to be in the healthy range.   You can aim to be in the lower ranges but that will require a stricter meal and exercise lifestyle to reach and maintain that level.


Body fat percentage is not to be confused with BMI.


The 5 classifications of healthy body fat:

Female Male
Low High Low High
Essential 10% 13% 2% 5%
Athlete 14% 20% 6% 13%
Fit 21% 24% 14% 17%
Acceptable 25% 31% 18% 25%
Unhealthy 32% + 26% +


*Acceptable is basically borderline unhealthy.  As you get closer to the 20%+ for males or 30% on females, you will have a lot of fat in your body which can basically throw your balance off on sugar levels, give you high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and add other health risks.


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