How to Work Out and Lose Weight While Having a Busy Schedule

You can actually lose weight while having a busy schedule.  At RPT Fitness, I get to talk with people from all walks of life about their fitness goals. Not surprisingly, regardless of their personal fitness goals, they all have one common barrier —-TIME.  The most difficult challenge for most of us in our quest to stay in shape and/or lose weight is not exercising itself, but rather fitting an exercise program into our hectic schedules.

So, how do find the balance between relationships, family, career, errands, exercise, and other responsibilities? Here are five tips that will help you fit a consistent workout plan so you can lose weight while having a busy schedule.

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Commit to a specific schedule

To ensure your success, you must take the time to actually write your workouts into your weekly schedule. To be effective, you should stick to your exercise routine at least three days per week.

As a result, right in the middle of all of your appointments, "to-do" lists, and so on, there should be a written plan for your weekly workout routine, so that you never forget when you promised yourself to go.

Take Advantage of the weekend

Take advantage of the fact that putting together an effective, results-producing workout only takes 3-5 days per week. Working out on weekends can help you pull it all together. One advantage of this strategy is that your schedule is more flexible and under your control during this time.

This also means that when the hectic weekdays return, you will only be responsible for working out 1-3 days per week.

Keep your workouts a high priority

One of the most common mistakes that even people who have scheduled a workout program make is allowing it to be easily dropped from their schedule.

Although things will occasionally pop up that need you to postpone the workout you had planned, you must be careful to ensure that only the most urgent emergencies are allowed to temporarily take you off your plan.

If one of those important emergencies happens and you're unable to attend your workout, reschedule with yourself to make it up on the next possible day that you are available to do so. If your own health, fitness, and weight-loss efforts aren't a priority for you, they won't be for anyone else.

Get support from others in your goals

Don't attempt this alone. Tell the important people in your life about your plans. If you make your spouse or love interest, parents, children, coworkers, and close friends aware and ask for their support, they will often pitch in and help you meet your fitness or weight loss commitment to yourself.

Use these relationships to delegate some of your regular responsibilities or even to reschedule appointments with them as you restructure your schedule for your workout. If any of them are into exercise or trying to lose weight, don't be afraid to form a buddy system with them as you progress through your program.  Alternatively, you can join our Facebook group here.

Have grace with yourself

No matter who you are, there will be times when you are not able to maintain your workout program as you would like because of external demands. Don't be too hard on yourself when this happens.  Remember that what you do consistently over time, not what you do in spurts, is what truly counts. Just make sure you get back on the horse as soon as possible and keep pressing forward, doing your best not to slack off again.

lose weight while having a busy schedule

No matter what your health, fitness, or weight loss goals are, you CAN fit an effective exercise program into your hectic schedule and be incredibly successful at getting the exact results that you want!  If you are looking for a personalized exercise plan that will fit in your busy schedule, send me a message!

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