If you want to lose body fat, you have to lift weights, and this is why

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Are you looking for the perfect workout? The perfect workout routine is one that combines strength training and some form of cardio.  The problem is, most people hate doing cardio and will make up any excuse not to do it. A popular excuse is not having enough time or not knowing what to do.

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A problem people often see is that when they do cardio they over-train and become tired or injured so they have to stop.  Another problem we see is that women in particular are too afraid to lift weights.  The fear of bulking up and looking like a man is too strong.

Here is a scientific fact for you ladies, you don't have the necessary amount of testosterone to bulk up and look like a man.  Of course, if you have a hormone imbalance this may not be true, but that is pretty rare. To be able to bulk up "like a man", you have to follow a strict diet and train for hours and hours each day.  Since that isn't your goal today, you can lift weights worry-free.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to do a complete workout. You can work out every other day or every day by alternating cardio and strength training.  Once you hit your goal, your workout plan is going to look a little bit different. But first, let me explain why you need cardio and weight lifting.


Why weight lifting burns more calories

All right guys, so if you're gonna lose this fat right here you gotta do some weights, ok. Not just cardio.  Yes - cardio is going to be good but you gotta incorporate the weights to work out the muscles so we can add the muscles and burn more calories.

Lifting weights burns more fat throughout the day than cardio does. Once you get off that treadmill you stop burning fat. When you lift, you keep burning fat up to a few hours after you stop. The more calories you burn the more fat you burn.

Use bands and tubes for resistance training

Dumbells right now, it's been a year or so that dumbells are out of the question due to the shortages and delays in shipments.  So you're probably not gonna have access to the dumbells if you want to work out at home. So use some tubes and some bands. Those are going to be the equivalent of working out with the dumbbells. It's gonna give you slightly less resistance but it's gonna be great if you are a beginner because it's not gonna be 100% resistance.

So if you don't have access to dumbells use these and I can show you how. Let me know if you want bands and tubes videos.

Burn more fat with cardio this way

So you probably have heard about the heart rate zones and "we gotta stick to that fat burn zone to burn more fat".  But guess what? You're not going to lose a lot of fat in the Fat Burn Zone. Once your body starts getting used to it, you're eventually getting more into that as a baseline.  We use this "fat burn zone" because the lower the heart rate is, the more fat you're gonna burn.  So that's why you need to sleep a lot more.

Anyway, so on here, fat burn zone just means resting. So we have to kick it up a little bit more for weight loss.  We gotta burn those sugars. A combination with zone 2 and zone 1 and eventually zone 3 is what is going to work on your muscles and also work on your cardiovascular to burn more calories and therefore losing more fat.

Weight Loss Tips for Success

I hope this information helps.  If you need to get workout ideas, check out my YouTube channel here. But if you are ready for a transformation, schedule your free consultation.  I will show you how you can spend only 20 minutes on a cardio workout and still reap the benefits and show you what resistance exercises are best for you.

I specialize in helping people correct their posture to avoid injuries as they follow their fitness plans. Schedule your appointment here.

Total body workout for beginners

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