Joint Pain Causes & Personal Training For Relief

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Joint Pain Causes & Personal Training

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Happy Wednesday!  If you are experiencing swelling, aches, or joint issues, this article is for you.

Many of my clients come to me with pain on their lower backs, knees, hips and other joints.  Before you start considering anything you first need to find out what caused the joint pain you are experiencing. 


Joint pain relief


Here are some joint pain causes:


  • -Many people suffer from joint pain because they overtrained. 
  • -You might have suffered a trauma to a specific area of the body.
  • -Bad posture, in general, can cause joint pain. For example, sitting for a long period of time.
  • -You might be suffering from a strain or injury. 
  • -Daily repetitive movement can cause joint issues.
  • -Joint pain causes can include diseases you had in the past like chickenpox. 
  • -Your joint pain could also be a result of having an autoimmune disease.


Myths about Joint Pain Causes


A big myth is that joint pain is only experienced by people when they age. Many athletes suffer from joint pain as well.  Joint pain causes many basketball players, long-distance runners, soccer players, sprinters, and football players to sit out on a few games.


Don’t think that because you are young that you won’t develop joint pain. Joint pain can really strike as early as childhood.  That’s why you’ve got to be smart and need to start taking care of your joints today! 


How to Relieve Joint Pain


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A program of regular stretching exercises and SMR can help joint pain. Mild exercise is good for joint pain since it helps prevent muscle atrophy around the joint.


Look for a trainer that has experience in helping people relieve joint pain and prevent further damage.  There are specific exercises that help strengthen your achy joints. When you have a personalized program with carefully selected exercises, you will feel relief almost immediately.  When the personal trainer you select understands joint pain causes, he or she can help you prevent further issues.


Simply taking pain killers, getting steroid shots from your doctor, and working through the pain won’t do.  This is why it is extremely important to team up with a personal trainer that has experience with taking care of joints.


If you have chronic joint pain, make sure to get medical clearance from your doctor before you start your program. Then come talk to me so we can set you up and get you moving again!

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