Joint Pain Relief – Knee, hip, shoulder, low back

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Joint pain relief - knees, lower back, shoulder, neck & more.

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You can get back pain for a variety of reasons but the most common one is by working all day sitting or standing all day without proper posture.

Stretch exercises is a great way to avoid back pain, since it stretches the muscles, joints, bones, etc, thus promoting fluid and blood flow.

Stretch workouts include shoulder shrug, triceps, arm, leg, trunk, torso, and other stretches.

To help you avoid (or relieve) some back pain we can perform a few workouts to help you stretch those muscles.


We created a corrective exercise program specifically for joint pain relief.

Joint pain relief baby steps

1. We correct your posture.

2. We work on your balance and stability.

3. We add endurance and strength training to protect your joints longer term.

4. Focus on weight loss to keep joint pain away.

5. We work on maintenance for the work you've done.

6. increase the fun activity you like and enjoy life pain-free!


Joint pain exercises

When you workout doing exercises that help you correct your posture, over time, your pain will go away.  The hard thing for you now is that you have pain preventing you to workout in the first place.

The trick is finding workouts that won't add to your pain and that will give you relief after your first sessions.  That's where I come in!

First we get your body warmed up and moving with minimal pain.  Then we work on correcting your posture and strenghtening your balance and stability.  Doing these types of exercises will prevent your joints from hurting again.

Think of your muscles as a corset or protective case around your joints and skeletal system.  The more you strenghten the muscles, the better protected your joints will be.  This is why strenght training and endurance workouts are important.


Weight loss to keep joint pain away

As you work on the first 3 baby steps you will notice some weight loss. Your underactive muscles will start waking up and getting their work on thus burning some fat.

To make sure the joint pain does not return, once your posture is corrected and your muscles are strong, we focus on weight loss. This is the fun part!  You'll be able to do harder workouts and you'll start seeing just how much stronger and faster you are.

If you ever turned down invitations to go hiking because you didn't want to "slow down" the group, now you can go out there and have fun!

Once you get to an ideal and healthy weight, the final two baby steps are all about maintaning your new healthy lifestyle and enjoying your life.  You are now able to do everything you wanted to do before like running around with your kids, go shopping or even running a marathon!

Your plan - Work with a Corrective Exercise Specialist

before and after with Rafael PT in Austin Corrective Exercise Specialist

Think about what pains you have.  Where are you hurting now?  How much longer do you want to be in pain?  Do you want to start or keep taking pain medications?  Do something more about your joint pain.  Reach out to me for your personalized plan.

If you are in Austin TX I can train you at your home or at my gym.  For those of you who live out of the area, ask me about my online training.

I have helped many clients treat their joint issues, it's your turn.

Thank you for reading!

Online personal trainer and personal trainer for Austin TX - Rafael Ortiz

Rafael Ortiz

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Rafael has been in the health and fitness industry since 2006.  He is certified by the NASM & insured.

Areas of Expertise

Joint Pain Relief, Post-Rehab Personal Training, Posture Correction, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Strength Training, Core and Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscle Gain, Posture, TRX, Functional Training, Myofascial Release, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Stress Reduction, Corrective Exercise, Golf

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