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Knee pain exercises - which ones are best?

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There is no straight answer because it depends on what part of your knee is hurting.  The first thing I always do to help get rid of your knee pain faster is trigger pointing.


  • Inner Knee Pain - Trigger point the side of the knee.
  • Middle Knee Pain - Trigger point the middle part of the quad.
  • Outer Knee Pain - Trigger Point the IT band, part of the quad, as well as the side of your calf.

As you can see, the focus is on your calf and quads.  These are the areas to trigger point.  After the trigger pointing and SMR, then I would have you do single-leg exercises.


How can I exercise with knee pain?


I know that just thinking of moving your knee right now sounds painful. So how exactly are you expected to exercise with knee pain? 


The reason why we start with trigger points and SMR is because we are loosening your tight muscles.  This just takes a few minutes then you will be able to exercise because your muscles are loose and warmed up.  


At this point, you will be ready for several low impact exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands or even your body weight.


With knee pain avoid these types of exercises


If you have access to a gym and feel a little uncomfortable using dumbbells you might feel tempted to use the weight machines. I would not recommend that.  


I worry about people using the machines because it isolates the muscle too much.  So that tight muscle that you just loosened up is still going to be taking over the weaker muscle. This impairs any progress. So, don’t.


If you still want to hop on the weight machines, I do not recommend doing a leg extension or anything like that.  This will hurt you.


What exercises can I do for knee pain?


One of the low impact exercises I would have you do is a single leg step-up.  Another great exercise for knee pain is single-legged squats.  These will do the trick.  The single-legged exercises will strengthen the weak part of your muscle.


 A lot of times knee pain will come from your feet and ankle area.  Doing single-legged exercises will help you with balance.  This will strengthen your ankle.


When you balance and stabilize your ankle you will balance and stabilize your knee as well.  



Corrective Exercise Program With Knee Pain Exercises


The best way to tackle knee pain and prevent knee pain in the future is to follow a corrective exercise program


The way our program works is we start by trigger pointing to loosen up your tight muscles. Next, we work on balance and stability. Then, we add endurance and strength exercises to help protect your joints long term.


Following a personalized plan is optimal.  One of the things that end up happening is people follow exercises found online designed for no one in particular. This often results in added injury.

Check out our corrective exercise program for only $180.  You get 4 sessions, a personalized exercise program and homework to do in between our sessions.  You’ll even feel relief after our 1st session!


Call us 512-387-6546 for your free consultation!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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