Lose Weight Fast and Other Fake News we Want to Believe

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Lose weight fast! Does this sound like a dream or what? When it comes to weight loss, we want to believe anything other than the facts.

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We want a drink to help us shed pounds because we don't want to exercise. Or we simply don't feel confident that we can exercise. There are many hang-ups for people new to exercising for weight loss.

Why do we believe in fake news when it comes to weight loss?

lose weight fast

Some of the hangs ups you might have are (I know because I was there!):

1. afraid to do the wrong move and hurt ourselves
2. afraid of looking silly
3. afraid of being judged at the gym by others, or being made fun of at home
4. we think that by having an abundance of workout videos that we can do from home, we don't have to invest in a trainer. Yet we still do not use the workout videos.
5. we get frustrated that we don't see instant results

We want to believe that we can lose weight fast without putting in the work. We are either lazy, busy, or resistant for some reason. Personally, I fall into the lazy category.


The media tell us we can lose weight fast

When a new article comes out claiming that fat turns into muscle, we want to believe that. Because otherwise, we would have to start lifting weights and start watching what we eat.

Lose weight faster by lifting

For the ladies, lifting is a huge fear we have. We feel that we will bulk up, and our arms and shoulders would look huge. The truth is if you want to burn fat and lose weight 'fast', lifting is the way to go. When you combine a great cardiovascular program with a resistance program, you'll see results faster.

We want to believe that fat burners or appetite suppressants will do the work for us. Because we see so many before and after you might feel it has to be real!

The Fake News of Before and After Pictures

I can make a before and after right here right now! All I have to do is change my body language, my posture, the lighting, and tuck in a few things here and there. Bam, instant results. You too can have that!

Here is a YouTube video we recently watched that left me with my mouth open. It is an interview with a woman that appeared in a well-known infomercial as a 'success' case.

The bottom line is if you want to lose weight, there is a science behind it. The formula for weight loss dictates that you must consume fewer calories (energy/fuel) than what you burn.

If you have a little more body fat at the moment, find exercises that you can do and enjoy doing. Eat foods that will fuel you and have a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

You can find some exercises here
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Do a little more research

You don't have to believe me. You can (and should) do the research by visiting reputable science-backed publications or websites.

Tip: Look for organizations as opposed to bloggers or influencers you see on tv or social media. Everyone is getting paid to sell you the 'lose weight fast' dream.

Ignore what marketing heads are throwing at you. They are in the business of weight loss. They take vacations on your hopes and dreams. The dreams they planted in your head.

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To lose weight fast - go back to basics

Let's change our mindset a little. Go back to basics. Eat, move, sleep. I know it sounds complicated, but the actual complication comes from our mindset. The science of weight loss is the easy part. Rafael and I are here if you have questions - whether you are a client or not.

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Thanks for reading and take care!


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