No Pain No Gain – Why you should forget this quote.

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It's a no from me: I will not push my clients to work through the pain. I do not agree with 'No Pain No Gain'

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Because we have grossly misunderstood that quote.

It's ok to feel sore and maybe even pain after workouts. That's to be expected. That's why you take a day or two off in between your sessions. To recover and rebuild your muscle.

It's not ok to ignore your body's pain during workouts and ramming through the pain.

Pain is how your body tells you that something is not ok. If you have shoulder pain and you are in the middle of presses, either back off on the weight or take a break. Figure out why your shoulder is hurting. Is it tightness? Soreness? Something more serious?

With corrective exercise, we address those issues before going into heavy-duty workouts. Because we want to make sure you can perform at an optimal level without injuries.

I do not agree with trainers that tell you to take painkillers and simply work through the pain. Not in my gym.

Thanks for reading my little rant lol.

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