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A fitness assessments are very affordable and sometimes even free with promotions.  You should always start with one if you are planning on starting a fitness program.

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What is a fitness assessment?

When you meet with us, you will get your vitals taken. This sounds scary but needles and intrusive objects aren’t used...I promise.  We take information such as resting heart rate, body fat percentage, body measurements, and weight.  Also, we take other similar data.  

During the fitness assessment, we check your body for any deconditioned muscles or any irregularities.  Why? Well, because most of us this day in age, thanks to technology and transportation, don’t move our bodies as we used to half a century ago.  Our bodies are used to sitting all day or hunching over our phones and computers. Our muscles and skeletal systems decondition over time.  

If you are currently active in sports or some sort of physical activity this doesn’t necessarily apply to you.  However, the majority of us lead a passive life due to work or other responsibilities and of course lack of motivation.  

What we look for in a fitness assessment

We check for muscle imbalances, deviations, and body posture by doing a series of exercises.  One common move is the overhead squat. We’ll also have you do other moves like a plank or simpler ones like bending down to touch your toes.  We always look at your body to see how it reacts to these movements and for any reflexes you may have.  

This fitness assessment helps me plan out the type of workouts you will start with.  We follow a progressive exercise plan broken up into phases to help build your personalized program.   For example, if you have knee pain, we want to see how that pain is affecting your posture and muscles.  This helps us design your program.

Our clients all get their own personalized workout plans based on their fitness level and also based on their bodies.  Above everything, our client’s safety is always our main priority.  

The way to prevent injuries and provide my clients with a great workout plan is by scheduling a fitness assessment before we start our program.

Who does the fitness assessment?

Everyone that wants to work with us (or any Certified personal trainer) must do a fitness assessment.  If you hire someone and they don’t recommend a fitness assessment, we would say run, walk or crawl away from them.  You do not want to put yourself in a position where you may become injured under their watch.

Why is the fitness assessment tied to my fitness success?

The fitness assessment tells us what type of exercises you should not do just yet.  We don’t want to throw you into an advanced workout routine if your body isn’t ready for it.  Doing something foolish like this will guarantee an injury, overwhelm, burn out or all of the above.

Following our carefully planned workout routine that we create just for you is the best way to fitness success.  If the workouts we give you aren’t challenging enough or too challenging, we always tweak them to fit your needs. 

Keep in mind that we are only talking about the workout program, you must also follow the meal plan recommendations in order to reach your fitness goals. 

Nutrition and food are a totally different blog post altogether but it is just as important if not more important than just exercising to become and stay healthy.


To recap: 

A fitness assessment is performed with a certified personal trainer to see what shape your body is in currently.  This helps determine your fitness level and provides information to create your personalized workout program for fitness success.


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