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Prevent shoulder pain with good posture

This is one of the best ways to prevent shoulder pain with good posture. First, you have to do self-myofascial release which is the trigger points. Those are adhesions or knots in your muscles that are going to make your muscles tight.

As these get tight, let’s say that your shoulder is the one giving you trouble, your chest will start getting tighter and your lats are going to start rounding. Then you’re going to create this kyphosis. Kyphosis means a rounded upper back. You’re going to be creating an upper crossed syndrome situation which can be very painful.

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When this happens, you’re going to start getting low back pain and a lot of headaches. These headaches happen because in addition to tightening up those muscles you are also tightening up nerves and some blood vessels. These are preventing the muscles from getting nutrients or moving better.

Trigger Point First

You always want to start with the trigger points to start releasing the muscles. These muscles will get more flexibility and get more range of motion. With our shoulder example, these muscles include the chest, lats, as well as the diaphragm, or upper abs.

SMR Lats

SMR Chest

Work Your Core Next

The posture part is going to be working on your core muscles. Core muscles are any muscles that are connected to the spine. Now that our diaphragm and upper abs are loosened, then we can move on to our strength training portion. Your core muscles are the ones that are going to be working first and then the strength training part is going to become a kind of like your secondary muscle movement


Bird Dog

Strengthen your Muscles

Now that your core is activated, we are going to strengthen the lower traps so that you have an equal pulling tension at the front and the back. Simply releasing the tight muscles won’t do you any good. Because soon, the muscles will go back to their old positions which is what created the knot in the first place. You must follow trigger points with strength training.

High Row

The full program

So, to prevent shoulder pain with good posture, you need to follow the full program. Do the trigger points followed by core training to activate the core muscles and then you go into the strength training part. This is how over time those muscles are going to start pulling as strong as your tight muscles and that’s how you improve your posture and maintain a good posture so that you don’t get hurt.

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