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I got a question the other day and they were asking "What is the best protein for weight loss?"  In my opinion, all proteins are helpful for weight loss. 


Some protein supplements are going to be meal replacements.  Those are going to be good for when you don't have time to make lunch or a snack. So you're going to drink that meal replacement. The last thing you want is to be vulnerable and hungry and eat the first thing you see.


Protein is very helpful in building muscles and repairing muscle. Think of protein as concrete. So as you’re drinking your protein you’re just going to be building that muscle.  The more muscle you have, the more fat you are going to lose.  


Also, when you're drinking protein you become more satisfied.  So you're going to be delaying your eating times which will help you consume fewer calories.  (Fewer calories in, more calories out = weight loss)

types of protein for fat loss

Types of protein for weight loss

Another question I get asked is “What types of proteins are there?” If you are lactose intolerant or you don’t want to drink milk products, then you are going to avoid whey protein.  There are many types of ways Whey processes the milk product. 

You have

  • casein,
  • whey isolate,
  • hydrolyzed whey, and
  • whey concentrate.

Casein Protein for Weight Loss

Casein protein takes a long time to absorb.  All the whey proteins are going to be derived from milk.  So Casein is going to be the first one and that’s going to take a long time for the body to absorb. 

Whey Protein for Weight Loss

Then you're gonna have your whey protein, it’s been processed a little bit more so it's going to be faster for your body to process it and get it to your muscles faster. 

Egg White Protein Powder

If you don’t want to do the whey product, there is egg white protein powder. Egg whites are not going to be the same as whey protein. The absorption is going to take a little bit longer than whey.  It depends on the sugar content on how long the body processes it.


Vegan Options

Let's say you want to go vegan because you don't want to do egg products or cow products (whey), you also have soy and pea protein.  I don’t personally have much experience with pea protein and soy, so I don't know the absorption rate, but I'm going to estimate that it can be close to the egg protein rate. 

Mixed Protein

There are some proteins out there that are going to give you a mix of proteins called ‘complete proteins’.  These are going to give you a little bit of casein, egg, and whey proteins. So it’s going to give you a long-term release, a mid release, and then a quick release with the whey isolate. 

That way it helps you when your muscles are broken down, you get that BCAA real quick. That way it helps your body get its energy back and help you recover quickly.

Even though all proteins are good, you still gotta know which protein to drink at what time.  

Protein shakes for losing weight

When to Drink Protein Shakes?

I get this question asked a lot.  When is the best time to drink your protein shake? Well, you can drink your protein shake pretty much anytime throughout the day.  If you’re looking at it specifically to work out, I usually take whey protein before and after as well.


You want to do that because as you're drinking that protein shake, the protein when it goes to your stomach, is going to break into sugar.  Protein is sugar, it has its own type of sugar. Which is called BCAA, branched-chain amino acids. Your body has an easier time breaking down whey protein to those amino acids. So I just go with a high-quality whey protein. 

I take it before my workout because I like to prepare myself for my future self.  So what I do is, I drink it, it repairs the muscle as it breaks down.  The muscle is gonna start tearing down during my work out but because it already has that protein in there, it’s just going to take it and start putting it into the muscle.


Doing it this way gives me a little bit more added energy and the workouts get a little bit better with less fatigue. 


So you can take it before or after.  You can take it during the day. Protein is protein there is no specific time in the day to drink or avoid. So just drink it so you can add that daily protein intake for the day.

And that's pretty much it. If you have any questions feel free to email me.  Thanks for reading!

Protein shakes for losing weight

Protein Smoothie with Mocha and Banana

Mocha Banana Protein Smoothie🧋Want to give your coffee an extra protein pick-me-up? This Mocha-Banana Protein Smoothie is filling and that makes it a good on-the-go breakfast or pre- or post-workout shake to give you the energy to power through

Even better? The hardest part of this recipe is remembering to put the leftover coffee in the fridge ahead of time.

And yes, before you freak out… there is frozen cauliflower on the ingredients list. I promise, it’s a great way to sneak veggies into your smoothie and you won’t even taste it.

**NOTE: depending on how thick (or thin) you like your smoothie, you can adjust the amount of milk you add, too!

Feel free to mix this one up. You can swap out the dates for 1 tablespoon of nut butter (almond, PB, etc) instead. The dates make the smoothie sweeter, and the nut butter makes it smoother. Now for the recipe!

Mocha-Banana Coffee Smoothie (serves 1)

• ¾ cup (180 ml) cold brewed coffee

• ¼ cup (30 ml) unsweetened non-dairy milk (more if necessary)

• ½ cup (55 g) frozen cauliflower florets

• 1 medium frozen banana, chopped

• ½ Tbsp cacao powder

• ½ tsp vanilla 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (optional)

• 2 soft dates with the pits removed, if you want (if the dates are dry or hardened, soak them in hot water first)

• A little sea salt

Put all of the ingredients in a blender with high speed and blend until smooth.  Pour into a glass and enjoy. Let me know if you make it!

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