Q&A: I need willpower, where can I find it?

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Willpower fades if you aren't on top of things. The best way to see a goal through is by developing self-discipline.  Self-discipline is what will get you going even when your motivation and willpower aren't present.

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We all start out with our fitness journey with the best intentions. But when the late-night cravings call or the bed is too cozy to leave in the mornings, that's when we get in trouble.

If you feel that you are weak because you have no willpower, you are wrong.  Even the most successful person on the planet needs to refuel their fire.

So, hang tight, because today you will learn how to develop self-discipline so you can keep reaching your goals even when willpower fades.

Here are the 10 qualities of people with self-discipline.


Self-disciplined people:

- Have a clear goal or sense of purpose in mind.

This is essentially your 'why'. Your reason for doing this. This comes in handy when you are stressed and your willpower or motivation starts to die down. Remembering your reason for doing this will rekindle your motivation.

- Has self-confidence.

Or develops self-confidence in their abilities by finding evidence that they have successfully reached other goals in the past.

- Is organized with their goals.

Instead of looking at the big picture, they break down their goals into micro-goals or baby steps.

- Finds a mentor or someone to model.

If you are trying to say, lose a large amount of weight but you feel is impossible, seeing how someone else did it will give you optimism. If they could do it, so can you.


- Learns whatever they need to learn in order to reach their goals.

If you don't know how to put a fitness plan together, you will reach out to a professional to learn from them or read fitness books.

- Is persistent, stubborn, and razor-focused on their goals.

Nothing stands in their way. If there is a setback, they get up and continue.

- Knows that time is going to pass so might as well do something to get closer towards their goals.

Too tired to exercise today? It's ok to rest and skip your workout, just don't get completely lazy in front of the tv. Put on some music and dance around your house. You can also go for an enjoyable walk or do some yoga. When you keep moving, you keep moving towards your goals.

- Sees failure as just another lesson.

People who have self-discipline do not give up when faced with failures. They take a moment to see what went wrong and how it can be improved next time. When you were a baby you didn't know how to walk. But did you give up after the first few times you fell down?

- Find a way to see work as pleasure or play.

Find ways to make hard things fun. Maybe ask a friend to work out with you, or put together a playlist of music from high school.

Trust the process

I know that willpower is something we all want to have 24-7 but motivation and willpower diminish over time. What you want is something solid that will be there when you need it.

Believe me, I know what it's like to have a fitness goal and have days where it doesn't seem worth it. Maybe you aren't seeing progress, or maybe you are burnt out or can't break through a plateau.

Whatever the case is, you aren't alone. We are only an email or text away 😉

Thanks for reading and remember to Trust The Process.

Nancy Valdez

Nancy Valdez with Rafael PT Fitness RPT Fitness in Austin TX

Nancy Valdez

Nancy has been in the health and fitness industry since 2019.  She is a certified personal trainer & insured.

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Online Training, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Strength Training, Core and Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscle Gain, Stress Reduction.

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