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Now that our routines are going back to 'normal' and the kiddos are back at school, are you ready to take charge of your fitness? Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, fix your posture or gain a bit of muscle, you will need to do a few things differently.  Starting a fitness journey doesn't require an 'all-or-nothing' attitude. In fact, most people that start changing a few habits at a time have a better chance of sticking with them in the long term.  In my experience, those that start a fitness journey at 100% burn out and drop out at a faster rate.

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Start here if you are a beginner.

Set your goals.

Determine what is your goal. Remember to give yourself a realistic timeframe and set achievable goals that you can track. Give yourself something to work toward.

How will you exercise?

Decide if you are going to exercise at home, join/use a gym, hire a trainer, or hire an online trainer.  If you are exercising at home, gather any equipment you have. It's so much easier to exercise if everything is in one place.  If you are looking for a trainer, schedule your consultation here.

Find support.

Join a group to help keep you motivated and accountable.  It can get lonely when you are following a fitness program and people around you don't understand.  Having a community of like-minded individuals can help keep you motivated.  Join our group on Facebook here.

Make time for yourself.

Look at your calendar and make some time for your workouts and meal prepping.  Knowing what to expect will make it easy for you down the line.

Make your plans.

Plan out your workouts and your meal plan.  If you need some help in this area let me know! You can also download this free e-book I put together a while ago with some helpful information.

Be consistent.

Be consistent with your exercise routine and try to eat 80% healthy clean foods and allow 20% naughty foods.  We get it, comfort foods and celebratory foods aren't exactly healthy but life isn't about restricting yourself all the time.  But consistency and balance are key.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your fitness goals.

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