Set your fitness plan up for success with these 5 hacks

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Fitness plan.

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Listen, there is a lot of pressure from every angle telling you what you should be doing during the quarantine. I've seen posts saying we should be writing books, curing diseases, losing weight, cooking bread from scratch, raising chickens, etc.  You've seen them too I bet. lol.


This is on top of the actual responsibilities we have now.  These include homeschooling our kids, cooking more than we're used to, and finding ways to take care of ourselves.


It's ok if you haven't written a novel or cured any diseases. Don't feel peer pressured & guilty. I have done like 0 of those things. I've started working out then quitting over & over.


To be honest, there are a ton of fun and interesting Youtube & Netflix shows.  Nobody has time to write dissertations & invent stuff right now. (Other then the amazing scientists attempting to find a solution for this.)


BUT, if you feel like you want to get back on track with your fitness routine or start one from scratch, here are some things you can do first.


fitness plan for success


Hacks for a Successful Fitness Plan

I know the last time I went to a proper gym (not my garage), I was able to do a ton of pushups (on my knees). Now, not so much. I was able to do 45 min of HIIT on the treadmill. Now, ugh, like 12-15 mins.  This time around I had to start at around square one.


My body fat and weight were significantly lower then too. I was eating better and moving more! So it makes sense that I lost muscle & gained fat. It's ok. I'm not hyperventilating about it. (anymore)


My point is, don't jump in right where you left off. You have to do an assessment to see where you are now.


1. Start with an assessment

Why do you need an assessment? This is your map to your end goal.  You have to know where you are today and where you want to be at the end of this journey.  The typical assessment takes your data down to compare later.


This usually includes your weight, height, fat percentage.  In our programs, we include a full-body assessment to see if you have any pains.  Or any muscle deviations.   We don't want to start you on a level that could potentially harm you.


The assessment can help you for so many reasons.  Some people get motivated when they see results as the go. You can compare to your starting point throughout your fitness journey.



Check out this free fitness plan e-book.


set fitness goals


2. Make clear & specific goals.

For example, run 1 mile in 7 mins by July 31st. Or whatever you want. But make it SPECIFIC.  You know your goal is a solid winner when you make it smart.


s. Specific - how, when, where, why,
m. Measurable - What are you going to track? scale? clothes? speed? fat %?
a. Attainable - Is this specific goal too hard or too easy?
r. Realistic -  Are you being realistic? Or are you setting yourself up for failure and disappointments?
t.Timely - Set deadlines for yourself.
Here is a great example of a SMART goal.

I want to run 1 mile in under 7 minutes by May. 

You can track the time it takes you to run the mile until you run it in under 7 minutes. It's realistic and attainable.  Most importantly, this goal is specific.


3. Add mini-goals to your fitness plan.

Add these for you to hit before your main deadline. Make them tiny-goals. You need to egg yourself on by checking off realistic mini-goals. Don't make them too hard or too easy.


Drink water from my 5 large water bottles per day.

Take my multivitamins daily.

Journal or write down what I eat daily.

Add a fun workout each week.

Do 1 more push up every other day.

Easy peasy.  You get the point.


get support


4. Involve others for Success


Get support & accountability. This one is so important. Call a friend or join our Facebook group to keep you motivated and offer accountability.  When you get other people involved, especially those going through something similar, you do better.


5. Get a professional involved.


Of course, you can also even hire a personal trainer or online fitness coach 😉 hint hint.  This is a great approach if you have no idea where to start or if you have a deadline coming up.  So message us if you have any questions or for a free consultation.


Thanks for reading!!
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