Set Your Mindset for Success – 3 Quick Tips

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Mindset for success in 3 steps.

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One of the essential components in our training style is ‘mindset’. Think about it. If you have goals you haven’t reached yet, it could be your mindset.  Or lack of mindset for success.


To reach your goals, you have to develop a mindset for success.  



There are two types of mindset. 


  1. Fixed mindset. If you have this type of mindset, you might believe you are either born with talent or born without it.  You may think you are stuck with your situation and accept that you are stuck therefore you’ll never reach your goal.
  2. Growth Mindset. You have a growth mindset if you believe your abilities come from your efforts. If you can’t do something, you will learn to do it. 


Having a growth mindset is what sets apart the wishers from the doers.  Don’t quote me on this, I don’t think this is an actual term but stay with me.  The only person who can change your mindset is...You!  Listen up fixed mindset guys - this is something you can learn!  But you don’t have to do it alone.


Here are 3 tips to help you get started.


Stick all the way to the end to learn how you can get your hands on a free goal crushing exercise.

Mindset for Success Tip #1

Create Successful Habits

It is rumored that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Whether this is 100% true or not, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you start a new habit and find a way to track it. Start making small changes in your daily routine.  This is going to be a little hard without an example so let’s say you want to (gasp here comes a typical personal trainer example) drop 10 pounds of body fat.


First you want to download our fitness journal to create a list of the things you need to do to make this happen.


Your list can be:

  • Take body measurements
  • Take body fat percentage
  • Get a free consultation with Rafael PT Fitness 😉 
  • Find exercises to do
  • Create a realistic meal plan 


Every day make small steps towards your goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing everything at once.


Your small steps can be:

  • Park farther away from work.
  • Carry a large water bottle to drink through the day to start replacing sodas
  • Take multivitamins.
  • Sleep a little more each night.


The first step in setting your mindset for success is creating successful habits. 



Mindset for Success Tip #2

Understand & Remember Your “Why”

Breaking old habits is not easy, so changing your mindset will take some work.  You will have to be mindful and catch yourself when you start going towards your old habits.  Knowing and remembering your ‘why’ is going to help you stay on track.  When you have a great reason why you are making this change, you won’t need to rely on motivation.


When you accomplish your goal, it will be more rewarding.  This transformation will be a lifestyle change rather than a short term change.


When your “why” goes from:

  • I have to lose fat because my clothes don’t fit.


  • I want to lose fat so that I can improve my moods and my relationship with my spouse and family.

your "why" becomes more impactful. 


Think about it, if your clothes don’t fit, you can just buy new ones. But that isn’t usually the actual problem is it?  The problems happen when you get frustrated and start beating yourself up for allowing those pounds to creep up.  You then spend the rest of the day in a mood because you have nothing to wear. Who does that affect? You and the people around you. 


Once you determine your 'why' write down why it really matters to you.  Put it on sticky notes and stick them all over the place!


Mindset for Success Tip #3

Create a Vision for Your Life

Stop looking at your past if you want to develop a success mindset.  Think about how you truly want to live your life. Visualize it. Your brain doesn't know what’s a vision and what is real.  Envision what your ideal day looks like.  What will it be like after you lose the 10 pounds? (Or reach your goal)  


Create your ideal day once you reach your goal and go back to that place when things feel too hard today.


If you are crafty, create a vision board - have fun with it!


Bonus Tip

Failures are lessons - Learn from them!

People who have a growth mindset are ok with failure.  They have learned to look for the lesson and move on.  Successful people, if you notice, don’t make excuses and quit when they hit a wall.  They realize that by giving up, that’s the true and ultimate failure.  Here is  a quote I LOVE to recite when I feel like giving up (especially after a day of bad eating):


“Giving up on a goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.” 


Successful people are prepared mentally for failure.  Once you set your goal and find your why, prepare to fail.  Then learn, get back up, and continue on.  Giving yourself permission to fail will take the pressure off and keep you moving forward.



Adopting a growth mindset and setting yourself up for success is going to take work.  It won’t be a one time job either.  This is your new side gig.  But this is something you have to choose for yourself then act on it.


These tips will help you! To get started, join our Facebook Group to get access to the 10 Day Goal Crushing SeriesYou’ll learn to set a realistic goal and make a plan to crush it!  Did I mention this is free?


This is what helped us go from “I wish we had a fitness studio” to “We just moved into our fitness studio!!!”

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

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