It is just not enough to start an exercise regimen if you are trying to lose weight. You must also be able to stay with it by staying motivated. This might be difficult, especially if you have spent most of your life inactive. Exercise may be dull or a chore for you. And you may be wondering if your fitness regimen is truly even worth it.


Have Patience

It should be mentioned that patience is the key to a good fitness regimen. This implies you must commit to it for the long haul—in fact, it is best if you commit to it for the rest of your life. It can certainly be challenging at times. But, in the end, your efforts will pay off with a reward.


Have a Measurable Goal

Having a measurable goal can help you stay motivated. For example, if you are largely idle when you begin your program, you should aim to burn 500 calories per week. When you first start exercising, your objective should be 1,000 calories if you are active. However, you must also have a long-term goal in mind. This might mean doubling your calorie burn within six months of starting your fitness regimen. Don’t feel overwhelmed! That’s what coaches and trainers are for – we can help you figure out the right plan for you.


Keep Track of Your Progress

Consider keeping an exercise journal. You will keep track of the aerobic, anaerobic, resistance, and stretching workouts you do each week in this section. Include the number of repetitions and sets you're doing with each workout. This way, you'll get a visual representation of your progress. Seeing how well you're doing can be extremely inspiring and keep you going when things become tough.  Staying motivated will be easier when you can SEE the progress.


Get Social

Joining a group that engages in some form of exercise is another good motivational method. For example, you could become a mall walker or join a neighborhood square dancing club. Hiking clubs, golfing groups, softball teams, and even ping-pong teams are all options. If you can’t do any of those, consider joining online forums or groups like this one on Facebook. The fact that you are a member of a social network will help you stay motivated.


Use Your Phone

You may try motivating yourself by setting up wallpaper on your phone that says, "Get moving." Alternatively, you might put a "get moving" sign on your refrigerator. In other words, you should be reminded of the importance of exercising on a regular basis.  Staying motivated by using the one thing you have on hand most of the day is a smart way to go about it.


Download this free wallpaper for your smartphone.


staying motivated with a phone wallpaper

Set Up Your Home Gym Space

You might also buy home workout equipment like a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, or free weights. The amount of money you spend could be a strong motivation to utilize the equipment on a regular basis. You should also set the equipment in a visible location where you will have to pass it frequently. After a while, you won't have any reason not to exercise.


Get Help

You could also consider purchasing exercise apps, looking up videos on YouTube, or even investing in an online trainer. These provide you the option of exercising in the comfort of your own home. They can also provide you with a way to sync your smartwatch to keep you motivated even on rainy days when you don't feel like exercising.


Make Small Changes

Another helpful strategy is to keep your athletic shoes at the entrance to remind you to walk rather than drive, walk the dogs, or walk around the neighborhood. You could also consider rewarding yourself for sticking to your fitness routine. Your prize may be as extravagant as a cruise or as simple as a dollar store goodie. The goal is to ensure that your accomplishment gets recognized.


Celebrate Your Wins

While we're on the subject of celebrating, consider having a party if you've accomplished a fitness milestone. You can provide nutritional food and beverages, and even urge your attendees to dress in athletic attire to complement the party's theme. Sharing your happiness will help drive you to keep up your physical activities.


Start on the Right Track

It should be stated that there is no single correct way to work out. However, you must ensure that whatever you do is effective and that you are sufficiently motivated to do it. By following a few basic recommendations, you may ensure that your workout program is more than simply a fad and will last in the long run. Remember that you may experience setbacks from time to time, but this should not deter you from pursuing your workout goals.


If you need help putting together your fitness plan and learning how to use gym equipment, a personal trainer can help.  You can also be coached on how to work out from home using what you have available.  An investment in your fitness will go a long way if you stay consistent and reach out for help when you are ready to level up.  Staying motivated when you want to lose weight and improve your health is not too difficult once you know how to set yourself up for success.


Which tip will you start with today?

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