Stretches and relief for misaligned hips

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Does corrective exercise help with misaligned hips?

Absolutely! Corrective exercise helps your misaligned hips because this type of training focuses on releasing tight muscles, strengthening the weak muscles, and stretching your muscles to let them go back to their natural state.   Your hips are very complex. You have your sacrum on the back of the hip. The sacrum is not a solid bone. The sacrum can move because of the joint.

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Sometimes your hips are going to be kind of misaligned. When that happens, some of the muscles on one side are going to be tighter than the other side. That could be pulling more towards one side. Keep in mind I can only talk about the muscle structure. If you want to go into the actual bone structure, you will have to consult with a chiropractor on that.

With corrective exercise, I can help you with the muscle structure. With the muscle structure what I can do is release most of the super-tight muscles. Then on the other side, we’re going to strengthen it so they can have the same amount of pulling coming from both sides.

Stretches you can do for hip relief

Anytime you have a hip problem you’re also going to have back problems. So you can do a piriformis stretch.  This type of stretch is going to be beneficial for your hips and back.  Just because your discomfort is on one area of your body, it doesn’t mean you can’t have muscle imbalances elsewhere.  This is why corrective exercise is so good – it helps you correct your entire body!

To stretch, sit on a chair, cross one leg over the other like a 4, and push down on your top leg for a few seconds. If you’re not that limited where you can go on the floor you could do the same deal. Just put in that leg there and push it.  Or you can lay down on the floor towards the wall and you can put one leg on the wall. Then do the same cross and then just push the leg.

Corrective exercise for misaligned hips
A piriformis stretch is very helpful when dealing with misaligned hips.

This is how corrective exercise helps relieve misaligned hips

?The first step is always to release your trigger point to make the tight muscles relax.

?The second step is to do strength exercises to make your muscles work the way they are supposed to.

?The final step is to stretch the muscles to prevent them from going out of wack again.


The best way to help your muscles get balanced and aligned is by following a corrective exercise program. You can do this from home or at my studio.  The important thing to remember is that since you are experiencing discomfort or pain and are probably dealing with a limited range of motion, you should consult with a professional.

Looking around Google or Youtube for one-size-fits-all exercises could backfire on you.  That’s why I am offering you a free session.  Schedule your free session or free call today so you can see what corrective exercise is all about.  Since everything I do is personalized, I can’t just send you a cookie-cutter program.

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