Rafael is a great trainer! He is knowledgeable but fun. He really spent time to get to know me and my eating habits to help me reach your goal. All workouts were tailored to me and the hour was dedicated to helping me make the most of it.  Rafael was there every step of the View Full →

I highly recommend Rafael. No matter what your goals are he can help you. He can also work with you if you have limitations (injuries, stroke, handicap, etc). Regardless of your age or fitness level, he is a wonderful coach and an overall great guy. Please follow and like us:

When I started working with Rafael, I was pretty sure I knew how to lose the weight and get in shape.  He dealt with my stubborness and I more than reach my goal.  I surpassed it because he help me see the best in me. Please follow and like us:

Raf helped me a lot in the time that he trained me. He really knows what he is doing and is very experienced! Please follow and like us:

It has been 3 weeks working with Raf and I am seeing great results already. Raf trains me twice a week and has given a nutrition plan to follow. I am now able to fit in to clothes that I was about to give away. I feel more energetic and active than before, losing weight View Full →

Rafael trained me to train myself. From movements to nutrition He taught me the What, When, Why, and How to build a lasting program for myself that is still kicking today! Please follow and like us: