Thanksgiving Food Tips and Healthier Substitutions

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For many people, a healthy diet and a Thanksgiving feast seem to be mutually exclusive. Making a wholesome meal that is enjoyable to share with friends and family should be possible and even simple. Here are some suggestions to make your holiday meals healthier as well.

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Thanksgiving Food Tips and Healthier Substitutions

Thanksgiving Food Tips and Healthier Substitutions

Make a wide range of meal dishes.

You get a larger variety of nutrients when you eat a wide variety of meals, which is helpful in terms of nutrition. Also, you are less likely to eat too much of one food group. Many grocery stores provide prepared dishes that you can add to the range of dishes you're cooking yourself if you don't have time to prepare a lot of dishes.

Make some easy recipes.

How about a straightforward green bean meal with a sprinkle of sea salt instead of the traditional green bean casserole with mushroom soup and fried onions? Try a simpler kind of yams instead of the ones that are fried in butter with marshmallows and brown sugar. The number of people who appreciate the flavor of the original ingredients may surprise you.

Watch your portion sizes.

Start with smaller servings of everything that has been prepared rather than piling on the mashed potatoes. Repeat the process if you'd like another serving. You may give your body a more complex assortment of nutrients and experience more flavors by eating a larger variety of foods.

Take it slow.

Think about taking a brief break and helping with the dishes to burn some calories rather than immediately digging into your second helping. Your body will let you know when you are full if you eat more slowly. You can always eat the leftovers at a later time.

Thanksgiving is a time when we should give thanks for everything we have. It is a time for us to recall and think back on the things in our life that are significant but that we frequently take for granted. Nearly all cultures value the great experience of sharing a meal with friends and family. So enjoy eating and sharing food, but also think about the nourishment it provides, and be grateful for and respect the abundance you have to share.


Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


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