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Stop doing this immediately and focus on the main thing.

Have you noticed that New Year's resolutions tend to become huge projects?  You say to yourself, "I'll start working out three times a week."

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Then, all of a sudden, you realize you need to buy new shoes, workout clothes, and maybe even protein powder while you're out. The list keeps getting longer, and soon? You haven't even begun yet, and it's already February.  Talk about a motivation killer.


The thing is, all the new workout clothes, shoes, and protein powder are just distractions. So, to quote businessperson Stephen Covey:


The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!


That means you have to keep coming back to the MAIN THING, which are the workouts, if you want to reach your goal. (Or clean eating, or whatever else you chose as your resolution.)


It's in our nature to want to spice things up, to do things "better," "more," or "optimized." And that's great, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the MAIN THING, which in this case is the workout.


A coach is a HUGE help if you're having trouble focusing or getting started, and at RPT Fitness, we keep you focused on the exact actions that will help you move without pain so you can reach your real fitness goals.  Want to find out how we've helped Sara and other people like her?


Book your free consultation right away. Let's FOCUS and play that "main thing" over and over again!


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Grab the FREE 2023 Goal Crusher Guide

Tired of making the same old New Year's resolutions that *never* seem to stick? 😩


We've all been there.


We make resolutions like


🏃 “Start running every morning…”

🍭 “Stop eating sugar…”

🥗 “Stick to my diet…”

🏋️ Or “Go to the gym 3 times a week…”


… and by February, we're already back to ordering takeout and letting our brand-new workout clothes gather dust.


If you're ready to do things differently this year, let's set realistic goals you actually WANT to achieve.


👉 Click ‘Download” to grab the FREE 2023 Goal Crusher Guide to help you do it!

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