This is why you should drink water after a deep tissue massage

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The other day I did about an hour of smr trigger point on several areas of my body. Even though I drank water that day, it wasn’t enough. See, when you do a deep tissue massage, the licensed massage therapist will tell you to drink at least a half-gallon of water right after the session. The same goes for when you trigger point your tight muscles.

The reason behind this is that it is believed that while the muscle has those adhesions, certain areas will build a lot of toxins. If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll have a lot of toxins in your system. This is going to cause you to cramp up later in the day. You’ll also probably experience some headaches. Do you want to know how I know that? It happened to me!

I normally drink about three-quarters up to one gallon of water daily. But on this particular day, I guess I was too distracted to pay attention to my water intake. Later that night after my trigger point session, I felt a cramp on my hamstring. Eventually, I shook it off and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up to my ribs cramping and a massive headache. Then it hit me. I didn’t drink enough water the previous day. So to correct my mistake and get some relief from this cramp, I focused on hydrating that day. I also drank Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier. (Amazon affiliate link). This gave me the electrolytes I needed to hydrate. After about half an hour I started noticing my cramps diminish. Finally, after about an hour my headache also eased up.

drink water for joint health

Sometimes you learn lessons the hard way. And for that reason, I wanted to share with you this little experience! Maybe you don’t get trigger point sessions or deep tissue massages but you might forget to hydrate. Having a few packets of the Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier or even Gatorade can come in handy for days like these.

But if you are going to get a deep tissue massage or spend some time trigger pointing, do yourself a favor and drink water before and after. As you drink the water, the toxins in your system will flow with the water into the kidneys so you can flush them away.

The water will also transport oxygen and nutrients throughout all the muscle cells that have been released with the massage or trigger point. Then your muscles will once again be hydrated and healthy.

To make it easier to remember to drink water throughout the day, consider getting one of these bottles. I have one and I love it! It’s a little large but it’s so easy to get all the water you need for the day. (Remember to drink even more water when you exercise).

Well, that’s the lesson of the day. Let me know if you experienced something like this before and how you dealt with it.

Thanks for reading!

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