Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy While Running a Business

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So, why is it important to stay healthy while running a business?  As we all know running a business often requires us to wear multiple hats.  For me personally, I have to be many different departments on top of being a trainer and staying up to date in the industry in order to provide top-notch services to my clients.  

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Running a business and taking care of the family takes a chunk out of our day. It is easy to fall into the trap of going home to eat in front of the tv then sleep.  Even worse, after your quick dinner, you go back to your computer or phone to keep working!

If you follow successful people in business, they all have this in common; their health and fitness come first before anything else!  Whether it is by playing some sort of sport, or other activities like walking or exercising, they have that routine in mind to get their day going or finish with a successful day!

Think about this, if you get sick, who’ll cover for you? Let’s say you have a great team that can handle some of the work for you deep down you know that as the business owner, you’d rather be in the front line handling things yourself.  What if you don’t have a team to rely on? What if you have to work no matter what?

What if you have even more serious health issues that you could have prevented in the first place?

There are 3 things you can start doing right now to stay healthy, focused & on point while running a business.

Stay Healthy While Running a Business with a Better Mindset

To stay healthy while running a business you need to start the day with a big win.  Try asking yourself, “How much time will I give myself to be active and eat smart?”

Putting your health in your calendar and treating it as another important meeting will prioritize your needs.  Setting yourself up for a win early in the day will set you up to achieve anything else that the day has to offer.  

If you have a positive mindset, you will have a positive outcome.  On the flip side, if you have a negative mindset, you will have a negative outcome. 

Practice changing your mindset into something positive every single morning.  Remember that it all starts with the mindset.


Stay Healthy While Running a Business by Eating Smart and Healthy

When you eat junk every single day, you will feel like junk every single day!  When we eat something heavy with little to no nutritional value, or worse, when we eat nothing at all, we start dragging.  Our energy plummets because your body doesn’t have the necessary nutrients that it requires for a healthy you. 

We are all guilty of skipping lunch to meet a deadline or to stay in the zone.  I get it, but if you deprive yourself you risk slowing your metabolism and you also risk eating the first thing you see.

Planning your nutrition gives you a sense of organization and a sense of what will come next.  When you plan healthy meals and prepare them so you can eat them during the day you’ll keep yourself from eating whatever you found at the bottom of your drawer.  You’ll also fuel your body with brain-boosting vegetables and fruits to keep you sharp at work.

When people see your progress, they will start asking you how you manage to eat well and work well. The simple answer to that is, you got everything under control because you have pre-planned your weekly and daily meals.  Stay healthy while running a business by feeding yourself FOOD.


Stay Healthy While Running a Business by Exercising

When you are working out you are releasing endorphins that are making you feel good.  You also put more oxygen in your bloodstream which is refreshing your brain and keeping you sharp with better ideas or new ideas for your business. 

Exercising to stay healthy while running a business lowers your stress levels.  You’ll start to learn how to manage certain stress level situations.  We all know how important is to have a clear mind when you are under stress at work.  We can avoid a lot of mistakes just by being a little bit more relaxed. 

When you adopt a healthier lifestyle with fitness, you will have a clear and positive mindset.  You will gain self-confidence that will spread out with anything else that you do! 

If you sit all day you know that at the end of the day your lower back or neck are hurting.  Did you know that the major cause of lower back pain in adults is from sitting in front of the computer?  Break up the recommended 30 mins of daily exercise into smaller chunks if you have to. Just get some exercise in.  Below are some total body exercises you can do today.

Stick to the workout appointments you made for yourself.  You don’t have to commit to 2 hours per day on exercising but as little as 20 minutes has a great impact on your moods and focus.  Try alternating cardio and resistance training every other day.


Stay Healthy While Running a Business - Make a commitment to yourself

Doing anything well requires energy, and you will have more energy when you are fit!  Again you will have a much better positive attitude. 

Your health will skyrocket and your immune system will make sure you will not get sick.  Think about this, there are millions of people every single day calling in sick due to a cold, flu, stomach virus or some type of illness causing the person to go to the doctor and stay home.  

You will stay healthy while running a business by eating well and constantly being active.  So get ready for increased energy, vitality, strong immune system and clarity.

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