Top Amazing Benefits of Resistance Training

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Resistance training comes with many benefits.  But many people skip over it.  Why? There are too many myths and questions surrounding resistance training.

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You may be trying to lose some fat, tone up, or correct your posture, but haven't really seen much improvement. At this point, you may be a little frustrated because you may be stuck.

If you started to make changes to your life in pursuit of health, have you seen changes yet? If you haven't, stick around to boost your fitness efforts.

Let me ask you one thing. Are you including resistance training in your exercise routine? If you aren't, let me show you the benefits of resistance training.  But first -

What Is Resistance Training?

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Resistance training is exercises that use equipment like weights, bands, tubes, and also just your bodyweight. This is going to make your muscles break down. You are basically destroying your muscles. But don't worry, when muscles repair, they repair stronger and bigger. This is why you always want to let them rest.

What Are Amazing Benefits of Resistance Training?

A Rise in Bone Mineral Density

Bones are regularly renovating, meaning the cells break down at the exact same time they develop. The peak of renovation takes place during adolescence.

Nonetheless, as an individual ages, there may be problems with bone mineral density. This is because the renovation might not be as fast anymore. This is particularly an issue for post-menopausal ladies.

Bone mineral density is normally supported by hormones. To address the trouble of not having the hormonal agents to maintain bone mineral density, exercise is the next ideal choice. Resistance training is one exercise that can address this.

Increase Your Strength

Strong bones and strong muscle mass will certainly be developed as you go through the resistance training program.

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Raise Your Level of Activities

When your body is strong enough to lug some significant weight, then you'll be able to handle more exhausting activities. You are most likely to live a much more active lifestyle.

Decrease Body Fat

Adding a resistance program to your cardio will absolutely provide the body the workout it requires to burn fat. This does away with the undesirable excess body fat.  Cardio alone will not help you lose body fat - you need resistance training too.

Many people get stuck in their weight loss efforts because they skip resistance training. You can look forward to a toned body. Even better, you'll FEEL leaner, stronger, and toned.

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Improved Mobility - This is great for Seniors

Seniors going through a resistance training program will certainly help boost their health and wellness. This also helps lower the dangers of losing balance and mobility caused by age.  Being able to do some resistance to become balanced or have better balanced will also lower the risk of injuries.

Doing a resistance program as a senior can help with maintaining independence, without requiring to count on other individuals for doing basic tasks.

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Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Frequently doing resistance training can result in a reduced heart rate and reduced blood pressure, particularly after exercise. The risk of heart diseases is lowered to a substantial level.


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Before doing any type of resistance training, get with your doctor to make sure everything is good to go. Especially if you have existing medical conditions.

Resistance training requires commitment as well as consistency. It will need to be carried out on a regular basis, sticking to a timetable that the doctor or the physical fitness instructor would recommend.

The key right here is to take your time. Do things one step at a time correctly. Listen to your body and go along with your physical fitness level. Don't try to do too much too fast.

If done incorrectly, resistance training can result in injury. So if you have any questions or want to know what to do, contact us.

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