Total body workout from home with a backpack you can do today

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Total body workout.

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I know we’ve been quarantined for a little bit. I’ve seen a lot of trainers on Facebook putting amazing workouts out there but not a lot of people are going to have all types of equipment.  Maybe you have some tubing and a few dumbbells. If you don’t that, we’re going to do this total body workout with homemade equipment. All you need is a simple backpack.


Total body workout using a backpack

Everyone is going to have some sort of backpack.  You got this, whether it’s a suitcase, a regular backpack or gym bag.   The first total body workout is going to be with a backpack and you are going to put all types of canned goods in there to add some weight. That way we can do some squats, push-ups, some bend over rows, overhead press, curls and triceps.


You can do whole, entire exercises based on a backpack.  I have my backpack set up. I’m going to show you with these exercises what I am talking about.

Before we go ahead, a lot of backpacks have a weight limit so be sure that it’s not very heavy otherwise it’s going to break. I’ve had that accident before. My bag right now has the stuff that I usually use when I go hiking with Nancy.  It’s about roughly five to eight pounds.


So what I am going to do is put it on my back just like going backpacking and we are going to start with push ups.  


Push Ups

Make sure that you are not running your back cause that’s going to hurt. You are going to pelvic tilt. If the push ups are too hard, bring your knees down. 



With the backpack you can also do a plank.  You can do it with your knees down (the 8 point plank) or the regular plank.  From here you keep the backpack in place and stand up to do squats.  If you want to add a little bit of challenge to your core, what you do is hold the backpack and do like a goblet squat. 


When it comes to a row, you can grab the backpack in front of you, bend over and make sure that your back is straight.  

If your backpack is kind of light you can grab it with one hand and do a single arm row. One at atime.  You can actually use this backpack and hold it like a kettlebell. Just make sure you don’t have a lot of stuff it in because everything will be flying off. 


Remember: Don’t put a lot of weight in your bag and just make a workout with a regular backpack.

If you want personalized workouts, schedule your free consultation here and I’ll design workouts for you using what you already have from home.


Stay safe!

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