Virtual Online Training is Here and It’s Better Than Ever

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Virtual online training is not new but it is better than ever and it's here to stay.

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With the way things are going this year, we all had to make some adjustments. Some were major and some were minor.

When the pandemic hit the US and forced gyms to close, many people were left in limbo. I know for a fact this had an impact on you in some way.


Some of my trainer friends ended up losing their jobs due to cutbacks. Some previous clients were not able to follow their fitness routines. You don’t realize just how important ‘hitting the gym’ is to you until you lose that option.


Luckily, this is 2020, and the technology we have made this bearable for most of us. There is no substitution for human connection and human contact but we can try.



There are alternatives to ‘hitting the gym’. You can still lose weight or gain muscle with a trainer’s help. Instead of doing your sessions at the gym, you do them from home. Virtually.


Virtual Online Training FAQs

Here I answer some questions that people have been asking. If you have any hesitations in hiring a virtual online trainer, now is the time to try it out!

How to work with a virtual online trainer?

Working with a trainer virtually is very similar to working with a trainer at the gym. Obviously, she or he won’t be there with you, but the service is the same.

What most people don’t realize is that trainers don’t just spend that hour with you. We also spend time outside of our sessions putting your programs together. If meal recommendations are involved, we spend another few hours working on that too.

We put in the same effort with our online clients as with our private training clients. As our client, you get a personalized workout plan considering what equipment you have available.  When you sign up for a virtual online training program with us, you also sign up for full support.

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Instead of simply giving you an app to follow, we meet via Zoom or Skype, to train virtually. Then you follow your program for the rest of the week until we meet again. You also have access to us anytime in-between if you have any questions or to follow up.

What does a virtual online training session look like?

A typical session involves a follow-up conversation to see how your week went. Then we talk about the progression of your goals. If you have any problems with the workouts we tweak them. Then we jump into our workout session. I watch your form and give you feedback.

I’ll also jump in and demonstrate how exercises go. Don’t worry - you get the workouts as videos later on in case you need a reminder!  A virtual online training session usually lasts 45 to 50 minutes.

How many times per week should we meet?

One session per week is usually enough when you work with a virtual online trainer. This way you can learn how the exercises go. The rest of the week is for you to do your homework. But if you need more sessions or need extra support, you can add more!

Do we have to work out virtually? Can I just do a meeting and work out on my own?

I’ve had some clients that are shy and would rather use the time to catch up and ask questions. Then they do the exercises on their own. That’s ok, but if you are going to pay for a trainer, take advantage!

We aren’t here to judge. As a trainer, we just want to help. We also want to make sure you have proper form.  You should treat virtual online training as seriously as you would a traditional training session.  Make every session count!


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What software or apps do you use?

There are so many apps out there for virtual online trainers. We just Trainerize because it’s the best one out there so far. This app lets you log in and see your client panel. Here you get reminders, messages, your workout, and a meal plan.

You also get videos, timers, and everything you need to crush your workout!

How much is a virtual online training session?

Working with a virtual online trainer is going to be a lot more economical than working with a trainer at the gym. This is because there is no overhead to pay, usually. But you still pay for the time, expertise, and individualized attention.

I am going to take this spot to explain that there are online trainers and virtual online trainers.

→Typically an online trainer (not all) will simply give you a workout program, meal plan, and a few follow-ups.

→A virtual online trainer ‘meets’ with you virtually during a specified time/date. They also give you a workout program, meal plan, and a few follow-ups.

So you may find online trainers as low as $10 per week but just know that you may not get the actual virtual sessions.

Check out our rates here - and look for our latest promo!


Set up a home gym even in a small space

Why work with a virtual trainer vs a regular trainer?

There are some benefits to working with either. But a lot of people lose their regular trainers due to scheduling conflicts, rates, or the trainer leaves the gym.

When you work with a virtual online trainer, you don’t have to worry about them leaving you. You also control your schedule and workout when it’s convenient for you. The rates are usually much lower than regular trainers.

If budget or time is an issue, virtual online training is your best bet.

Who benefits from virtual online training?

Anyone can benefit from working with a virtual online trainer! That’s the beauty of it.  You can be a busy parent, business owner, student - anyone! This gives you the flexibility to take care of yourself whenever you want. It doesn't hurt that the fact that virtual online training is affordable because this makes it accessible to anyone.

Can’t I just use my fitness pal or make my own workouts?

You can totally do that. But if you notice when you get stuck and want the app to give you a plan, it will upsell you. Some apps charge $70+/month. Will this plan be completely personalized? Not really.

You are better off investing in a professional with experience and has his or her attention on you.

Virtual online training is not new.  However, trainers around the globe had to adapt and update their systems to make it better quickly.  So if you have been thinking about jumping in on this, now is the time.  Virtual online training is better and it's here to stay.

Give it a try, check out my current deal, 4 Sessions for 20% off!

Take care!


Virtual Online Training

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