What happens if your joints are stiff or your muscles are sore?

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What happens when your joints are stiff and muscles are sore? You have a bad day.

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Taking care of your sore muscles and stiff joints is not as simple as taking some pain meds then going back to your day. That is only masking the pain with a cheap bandaid.

You need to do something that will 1. alleviate your stiffness and 2. strengthen your muscles so it doesn’t happen again.

Here are some blog posts I think can help you.

Can lack of water cause joint pain?

drink water for joint health

Here is a question we keep getting at the studio. What can I take for joint health? There are many supplements and vitamins you can take for joint health. So naturally, this is the first thing people look for when they experience pain or inflammation.

BUT the most basic thing you should be asking is: “HOW MUCH WATER SHOULD I BE DRINKING?” ?

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Joint Pain Causes and Relief

joint health

If you are experiencing swelling, aches, or joint issues, this article is for you.  Many of my clients come to me with pain in their lower backs, knees, hips, and other joints. Before you start considering anything you first need to find out what caused the joint pain you are experiencing.

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Supplements You Can Take for Joint Health

In this blog post, I tell you about my secrets to my joint support supplement. These supplements may or may not work for you, but I do want to share what works for me. Please be advised, I am not here to sell you supplements, only to inform you, on what has and has not worked for me.

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The Back Muscle Spasms Guide for Sufferers

We’ve all got struggles, mine is my back. See, a few years ago I was driving home after a long day at the gym. And a careless driver slammed into my car. My Prius. Priuses are small. So I suffered a major impact.

Many of my recent clients have a similar story to mine. Most of them tell me that after their injury they have suffered from muscle spasms that come and go. And in some cases, they stick around for a couple of weeks.

Here are a few things you can do to alleviate muscle spasms whether you were also involved in an accident, suffered a sports injury, or just sneezed the wrong way.

More from the archives

For exercises, stretches, and SMR techniques, check out these blog posts from our archives.

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I hope this list helps you but if it doesn’t, let me know!  I’ll be happy to help you find the relief you seek.  Thanks for reading!

PS: Do you know anyone who could benefit from joint pain relief? Do them a favor and forward this email to them!

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