What is Functional Training and How Does It Work

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Functional training are exercises that prepare your body for movements and activities outside the gym.  Many movements are easier after training this way.  Some of those movements include reaching, pulling, pushing, lifting and even squatting.

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A few weeks ago, my client told me that he was going to start water skiing a little bit. My response was "okay, challenge accepted" and adjusted his workout to fit his activities outside of the gym.

How does functional training work?

For example, my client who is going water skiing is training in balance and core strength.  We are still working on his regular plan but I am adding a few more moves to prepare him for the lake!

Functional training can be tough for beginners but you should be able to start small then build up on that.  If done correctly, you can have a lot of fun!

You can do functional training everyday but remember, this improves your ability to do many everyday activities, you don't have train every sinlge day.

Also, just a note, functional training doesn't just work on any single specific muscle.  You are actually using many muscles in tandem when you workout this way.

Is Functional Training for Achy Joints?

The fact that you have aching joints doesn't mean you have to sit out on life.  Functional training is ideal for those who suffer from joint pain.  Where you start is all up to what hurts you and how severe your joint pain is.  Every exercise program is designed with your current state in mind.  We start from baby step 1 and work all the way through baby step 6.  The main goal is to safely strengthen the muscles surrounding your achy joints to prevent future joint damage.

Does Functional Training work for Weight Loss?

If you are trying to lose weight but got bored of your workouts you can add functional training to your routine!  Since one of the reasons people stop working out is boredom, you may want to look into adding a few moves.
Not only will you prevent boredom but this can make your other workouts more effective!

Tell me what you do outside of the gym and I’ll accommodate your exercise routine to fit your activity so it can be easier to do!!

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