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What’s the best diet for weight loss?

Diet for weight loss is more complex than it sounds.  Not everyone can eat the same thing and have the same experience.

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If you are expecting me to say eat Kale and drink water to lose weight, you’ll be surprised with this blog.  Many of my clients walk away with their jaws to the floor when I explain what they must eat in order to lose weight. Yes, this includes carbs and fats!

First, we have to discuss what ‘lose weight’ means.  Are you looking to lose fat? If that’s the case then read more on how to diet for weight loss.  If you simply want to lose weight, try taking off your shoes...boom, 2 pounds lighter!

Let’s get some math out of the way.  If you want to lose fat weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories for every pound that you want to lose. (Side note, the weight on the scale shouldn’t be the only number you watch during your weight loss.  More on that in a different blog so stay tuned)

In order to get the best diet for YOU personally, it’s best to work with a personal trainer who has a background and certification in nutrition.  But for the sake of this blog, let’s continue.


Diet for Weight Loss Components


There are three components of nutrition you must take into consideration and eat daily; carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  Again, based on your own needs, you should have the magic formula that paired up with an effective workout plan will help you shed the pounds.   These 3 components are often referred to as “Macronutrients” or “macros”.

Once you figure out what the macro formula is for your body, your workout plan and your goals, you will be able to split your daily nutritional needs in 3 meals and 2 small meals.   The total of calories needed daily will also depend on your age, weight workout plan, and weight loss goals.

Remember you need to lose 3,500 calories per pound. Combine a lower calorie meal plan and exercise and you can safely lose around 2 pounds per week. (Maybe even more, again depending on your personal stats)

Don't fall for carbless or fatless or protein only diets. They will not work! Your body needs these 3 nutritional components to survive.  You need carbs and fats for energy so you can workout and lose fat, and you will need protein for muscle and brain food.

There is no magical food or diet that will help you lose weight fast. But there is a magic formula that can help you sustain your body, give you energy and help you lose weight. And that magic formula is your macros, calories and exercise.

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